YouTube SEO: 10 tips to position your videos on YouTube and turn them into ‘the most viewed’

Surely you are tired of reading and hearing everywhere that content is the king of the Internet, and that is why this time we are not going to talk to you about it.

But did you know that the Internet also has a queen and that it also has so many charms that it will be impossible to resist them?

In this case, we are talking about online videos, which are already called to be the present and the future of digital marketing. Users are spending more and more time watching videos, but not only that but:


78% of the content consumed online is already audiovisual content , and that is something that your brand cannot ignore.

The reason is simple: the videos are entertaining, shareable, and easy to consume. But they also increase conversion rates, favor engagement, and are cheap (you can even do them for free).

In fact,  9 out of 10 Internet users watch the videos of the brands they like, 65% end up visiting the brand’s website after watching a video, and also in 2018 online video represented 84% of all Internet traffic. Almost nothing!

So if you haven’t included a video in your content marketing strategy yet, you should consider it; and if you are already creating your own videos you should get the most out of them. And that’s where YouTube SEO comes in.

And it is that indeed if we talk about video, we cannot forget the audiovisual platform par excellence: YouTube, the third most visited site in the world and responsible for the existence of the more than 32 million videos that are currently on the platform.

Because uploading videos to YouTube is very good, but what if you could also optimize them so that they appear in the first places of search engines and you can earn more traffic, conversions, and therefore more money?

That is exactly what we are going to teach you next through  10  infallible YouTube SEO techniques that will help you take your videos to the top of YouTube and Google. Yes, a 2 × 1 that can only bring you advantages!


When you finish reading the article you will see that doing YouTube SEO is relatively easy. Total, if Justin Bieber managed to make himself known thanks to his videos on the platform without having any idea of positioning, you can also do it, right? 😉 

Why include videos in your marketing strategy and go for YouTube SEO?




YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world, only behind Google; and curiously both are owned by the same monopoly since Google acquired the video platform in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars .
To date, YouTube receives one billion unique visitors per month who perform 3 million monthly searches and upload 100 hours of video every minute. 
But not only that, but if YouTube were a country it would be the third-largest in the world only behind China and India, and in fact, almost one in two people who connect to the Internet are on YouTube.
Imagine then what you can achieve if you design a good YouTube strategy!
In fact, more and more small, medium and large companies are aware of the potential of online video and are increasingly betting on video SEO to achieve better results, since it is an economical option and within the reach of any small business. whatever.
Right away you will also know how to use YouTube to optimize your videos to occupy the first positions of the search engines and reach many more people.

10 steps that yes or yes you must follow to do YouTube SEO and cast your videos among the ‘most viewed’ of the platform

To appear in the top positions of Google or YouTube, it is not enough to upload a video to your channel and put a striking title on it, but there are a series of YouTube SEO techniques that you need to know so that you can get the most out of video marketing. Either to attract more traffic to your website, increase your visibility, make yourself known, increase engagement, generate more leads, increase the conversion rate, or any other objects that you have set for yourself.
Next, we are going to share with you 10 techniques that you must apply to do it well on YouTube:
1. Take care of the appearance of your YouTube channel
The first impression is what counts, so take care of the design of your YouTube channel so that it is attractive and pleasant to see.
Choose a username that identifies with your brand and what you want to convey, and the same goes for the profile image and the cover image.
Ideally, you pick a design responsive, ie it is adapted to different devices, and also tries to make a good description of the channel with those keywords related to your niche or market sector.
2. Create playlists
Having all your videos classified and distributed in several playlists will be very useful to organize your information.
But not only that, but the playlists also appear in the search results, so if you use them to group your different videos in addition to facilitating the revision of all the videos on that list, you will also be helping your channel to appear in the results of YouTube thereby increasing visibility.
3. Research your audience and don’t lose sight of your competition!
One of the advantages of doing YouTube SEO is that it is very simple, among other things because the platform offers various reports and statistics on your visitors; for example age, gender and location.
All this will help you to know who your videos are reaching and who your audience really is, with which you can get an idea of which way to go.
It will also be very useful to analyze your competition, not only to see what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how they are doing but also to see what keywords they are using to position their videos.
4. Define your video keywords
One of the most important steps to be successful doing YouTube SEO is to take the time to research what your video keywords are going to be and thus play it safe when optimizing your videos.
You have several ways to do it, for example, check which searches are the most common in the sector in which you move using the YouTube search engine or you can even use Google Trends to compare several similar search terms and see their trend or the Word Planner Google key to see how many searches a certain word has per month.
5. Create interesting, unique, and relevant content
As much as the videos work, they do not stop being content, and therefore when your audience views them, they do so with the intention of finding value in them.
That means you need to create content that is interesting, useful, and unique that is geared toward meeting the needs of your audience. Think that there is nothing more direct than content marketing so try to respond in your videos to the possible doubts and concerns of your audience.
If you don’t know where to start, you can use SK content recommender, which will help you find the topics that most interest your audience through social networks.
Also, try that your videos are evergreen, that is, that their content never dies;  and before closing the video add calls to action based on your goals: visit your blog, comment, or share on the networks. You choose!
And remember that Google classifies videos based on how people interact with them, so the more visits and interactions, the higher the ranking.
6. Choose a title for your video that is ‘SEO friendly’
The title is one of the key pieces of YouTube SEO and one of the most forgotten so yes or yes you must include the keyword in it – and the more at the beginning of the title it is, the better.
In addition, the title of a video is one of the reasons why we choose or not to click on it either directly from YouTube as if sharing networks or send it by e-mail so you need a title suggestive, striking, and that call to action. And above all,  try not to exceed 60 characters.
Also note that words like ” tips “, ” mistakes “, ” how ” and the like arouse audience intrigue and make titles more clickable.
7. Write a good description of your video
Another essential factor to take into account when doing YouTube SEO is the description since it affects the positioning more than you imagine.
The reason is very simple: since Google cannot listen to the videos, it relies on the text description to determine the content of the video.
But not just any description is valid but you have to take into account several requirements, such as:
  • Make a detailed, explanatory, and persuasive description about the content of your video of up to at least 250 words, because even if only the first lines are shown to the user, what you want is to position your videos on YouTube and the descriptions are read by both Google and by YouTube.
  • Add the link to your blog or website in the first paragraph as this maximizes the CTR or click rate to your site.
  • Include the keyword in the first 25 words.
  • Enter the keyword at least 3-4 times (no more, as Google and YouTube, will consider it spam).
  • Add a call to action to tell them that you expect them to share the video, comment, subscribe, visit your blog, or whatever other action you want them to take.
8. Don’t forget about tags when doing YouTube SEO, you will need them!
The tags, in addition to helping you define and position your video correctly, will also help it appear in the related videos section in the sidebar while users are watching other videos related to your theme with which you can get new visits.
Therefore, include all those tags that you consider relevant but avoid all those that are not related to the context of your video. How would a user search for you? Think about it, research and add tags so that your video is offered for a certain search. Of course: beware of over-optimization.
In addition, it is important to update the tags from time to time in order to get more out of new search behaviors.
9. Upload a personalized thumbnail, you will be surprised!
The first thing a user sees before deciding whether or not to view your video is the title on the one hand and the thumbnail image or thumbnail on the other.
And wasting the opportunity to choose a suitable thumbnail image is a mistake that can lead you to lose hundreds of clicks so choose the best of the images that YouTube offers you or if you are a partner customize your thumbnail image and upload it to accompany the title of your video – ideally in 4: 1 format and at least 1200 x 720 pixels.
10. Share your videos on different platforms
Give wings to your videos and spread them on different platforms: via email, on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, and even on your blog or website.
It is also important that when configuring your video you allow to share and embed the video on any website so do not forget to mark it as public.
Also, make sure that you define the correct category for your video and whenever possible include subtitles since Google and YouTube use them to obtain better information with which you will achieve better positioning.

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