Youtube Keyword Planner Tool For SEO Improvement

Best Youtube Keyword Planner Tool for SEO

Ten years ago, marketers mainly published textual content: blog articles, white papers, etc. But in 2020, a complete content strategy must necessarily include videos – THE format that has become essential – which, in turn, has every interest in being optimized to gain positions on YouTube, the second most used search engine after Google. For this, it is essential to activate the levers of YouTube referencing. For SEO of your video, you need to take the help of the Youtube keyword planner tool for more Impressions and clicks.
It is impossible to ignore the place taken by video on the web. This is clearly the fashionable format: the average viewing time per Internet user and per day has gone from 67 minutes in 2017 to 84 minutes in 2019 and should reach 110 minutes in 2021 – the equivalent of 25 cumulative days ( Online Video Forecasts 2019, Zenith). The world of marketing has adapted quickly: 97% of marketers believe that this format helps users better understand their products or services, and 76% of companies have boosted their web traffic and sales by offering videos. On the platform side, YouTube offers the best performance for 90% of content producers. 87% of them posted on this site in 2018
Why YouTube? Because the platform displays impressive figures: the world’s 2nd largest search engine by volume of traffic behind Google (its parent company) has 2 billion monthly users, who watch 1 billion hours of video every day, in around a hundred countries and in 80 languages. Every minute that passes, 300 new hours of images are uploaded (YouTube figures). It should therefore come as no surprise that marketers devote most of their efforts to it.


How Youtube keyword planner tool work for SEO

In September 2014, YouTube stopped providing access to its YouTube Keyword Tool in order to encourage more Internet users to have a YouTube Ads account. While this tool was very handy, there is another free way to find the keywords we are interested in on YouTube. Start typing the queries you are interested in on YouTube, if they are offered it means that it is a searched keyword. For example, if I know I want to upload a video about dogs, I type “dog”.


I will then have a list of the most searched and clicked queries regarding dogs. You just have to do some tests.
Note that the suggestions that are offered by Google do not come out “by chance”. Google’s suggestions are made based on your history and the most-typed words on the video search engine. In order not to be influenced by your history, I advise you to go private browsing to do your tests.


As in natural referencing, keywords and their synonyms are essential levers for optimization. These “video keywords” must reflect both the subject covered in the content, the requests made by the users, the targeted targets, and the sector of activity. A good balance between the popularity of the keyword and its competitiveness, and a relevant integration of the chosen term in the tags, are essential prerequisites for effectively ranking a video on YouTube.With the help of keyword planner software, you can learn which keywords are good for video.

The fields

The fields which “surround” a video have a dual objective: to inform users and make them want to launch the content, and to give indications to the YouTube algorithm on its relevance to the searches carried out. These fields are title, description, and tags. They should ideally contain the keywords worked.

Viewing time

The levers of YouTube referencing are based on the platform’s economic model: retaining Internet users so that they always watch more videos, and therefore advertisements. Consequently, the time spent watching content is a major optimization lever. This does not mean that the duration of a video should be artificially enlarged, at the risk of losing quality …

Click-through rate

Youtube keyword planner tool helps you to improve CTR with the help of your channel analytics and video SEO. Even if it is not decisive in the context of SEO on YouTube, the number of views nevertheless has a certain impact. Especially since a high click-through rate often has a corollary of a large volume of interactions: the more views a video displays, the more likely it is to be liked, commented on, and shared. It is therefore essential to activate levers to boost the click-through rate: attractive title, keywords well positioned in the fields, personalized thumbnail (or “thumbnail”: this is the image that appears on the page results), choice of content format ( vlog, animation, tutorial, “face-cam”, etc.), the existence of an optimized channel to which the video is linked, content translated for foreign language Internet users, etc.
Once you have determined what the keywords are, you need to insert them in several places:
  • The title of the video (I told you it was very similar to on-site SEO): will help the user to understand at first glance what this video is about.
  • In the video description: YouTube only displays part of the description, to view it fully, the user must click on an arrow. We, therefore, advise you to explicitly present the subject of your video in the visible paragraph by including your keyword.
  • Video tags: you can insert your keyword, its lexical field as well as words relating to your activity.
  • In the name of the video at the time of download
  • Comments of your video before uploading
Youtube keyword planner tool names are:
  • TubeBuddy
  • VidIQ
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Awario

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