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You have a new subscriber - what to do next?
У вас новый подписчик – что делать дальше?

You have a new subscriber – what to do next?

It’s critical to note when someone signs up for your newsletter. It’s romantic and intimate in a way. Consider this scenario: someone discovered your site, enjoyed the material, and is now ready to advance the relationship by providing you with his email address. Do not dismiss it; instead, demonstrate that you share the signer’s enthusiasm.

Here are a few pointers that may be useful.

The appropriate structure, chains, and design secrets for creating powerful email campaigns

Get Started with Feedback Automation

All you have to do is use one of the many specialist message delivery services available, such as DashaMail, NotiSend, mailopost, and sendsay. They enable you to send an automatic welcome email to a site visitor who subscribes to your blog updates, for example, with the following words: “We are delighted that you have joined our mailing list.” We hope you have a good time!”

By automating this procedure, you may set it and forget it; letters will be despatched without your intervention.

Sending a welcome email automatically is an essential step. The letter should include information about what content your new member will receive and how often they will receive it, in addition to the greeting itself. It’s critical that the subscriber remembers why he joined your email list in the first place. Otherwise, he may forget that he left you his e-mail address, be perplexed as to why he received a letter from you, and unsubscribe instantly.

7 Components of an Effective Welcome Letter

So, in order to be as effective as possible, what should a welcome email contain?

Personal appeal

Personalize the letter as much as possible. Demonstrate that you desire to build communication rather than just maintain a formality. Remember that someone who has just signed up for your newsletter may have only read one of your articles and knows nothing about you or your company. You can win over the person and make him more devoted by injecting a little emotion into the letter. However, don’t go overboard; familiarity and faked feelings are likely to provoke a reaction.


Don’t forget to express gratitude to the subscriber. Subscribers to your newsletter play an important role in the growth of your blog as well as the growth of your business in general. Demonstrate your concern for them. You can send the subscriber a modest gift, such as an electronic version of a business book if you are the author of one. By the way, it’s better to place the book on your website and include a link in the letter rather than attaching the book as an attachment to the letter; this way, you can be sure the subscriber will return to your site.

Old but interesting content

Because a person can subscribe to your newsletter after reading just one piece, the next step is to familiarise the subscriber with your content, which he may not have seen before. It makes no difference if the content is old or fresh; what matters is that it is engaging. Remember that readers can arrive at your blog from anywhere, not just on the home page of your website. In the body of your email, include a few links to your favorite entries, which can serve as a starting point for a review of your site.

Offer to share my thoughts with you

Subscribers are an excellent source of new ideas for improving your blog. Inquire about the subscriber’s preferences. If he asks you a question, you must respond. If he writes about the issues that have emerged, address them and inform him. You might include a link to your personal social media account if you want to let the subscriber know that he can reach you at any moment.

Details of your brand’s online presence

Tell the subscriber on which social media they can find your company pages. This will help you engage the subscriber in even closer interaction with your brand. You can share links to pages on VK, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram – the choice of sites depends on the task you set for yourself. Give links only to active pages. And one more thing: remember that the content posted on social media should not completely duplicate the content of your site.

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Information about the frequency of mailing

This is quite significant. People dislike being surprised, so let them know what they can expect from you. Tell them how frequently you plan to send them emails and when the next one will arrive. Otherwise, if someone else signed up before her, he might find that you keep bombarding him with letters, which is unlikely to delight him.

After you’ve sent your subscriber a welcome email, leave them alone.

If a person has subscribed to the mailing list, which is done once every two weeks, it is not essential to send letters once a day. Allow two weeks to pass.

Finally, I’d like to emphasize the importance of keeping the welcome letter brief, meaningful, and memorable. There’s no need to go into great detail; no one will read a letter with 2000 words. Perhaps the best solution is to include a link in the letter to a specially made site page with more detailed information.

Wait… Don’t you think we’ve missed something?

You’ve probably seen one missing piece of the puzzle: what if the person doesn’t open the welcome email? Consider this issue from a different perspective. When it comes to attracting subscribers, make sure they understand why they are joining your mailing list. You don’t need subscribers for extras; your purpose is to attain specific objectives and obtain the desired outcomes. If someone joins your mailing list but never reads the letters you send him, he is unlikely to be of any use to you.

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