Why Do You Need An SEO Site Audit?

SEO audit of a site is a check of a resource for compliance with the requirements of search engines. An audit allows you to determine if the site is ready for promotion. With its help, you can find and then eliminate various factors that prevent the project from moving to higher positions.

Problems can be of different nature. For example, it is difficult for a layman to detect errors in the code. With the help of an audit, you can improve the attractiveness of a resource for search robots. As a result, the site will begin to move higher in the search engines. The higher the place, the more potential customers you will be able to attract.

When is audit not needed?

Before talking about audits, you need to deal with the cases when they are not needed.

1. There is no money, time, or desire to improve and optimize the site

Auditing does not solve problems, but only identifies them. Therefore, if you are not planning to make any changes to the site, then there is simply no point in the audit.

An audit will not help if you do not plan to further promote your site. Moreover, in this case, the audit will simply take time from the specialists who will conduct it.

2. Temporary or seasonal site

There are thematic sites that are initially created for a certain period of time. This could be a small seasonal store, a promotion landing page, or a sale. It also makes no sense to order a check of such resources, since the audit itself and SEO promotion take a lot of time. For such sites, it is better to consider contextual advertising in order to get an effect here and now.

3. The information on the site is outdated

In this case, it is better to redesign and upgrade the resource first. Since a technical upgrade will not solve the problem, people will still leave the old-fashioned and inconvenient site.

Who will benefit from an SEO audit?

In most cases, an audit is necessary and brings a lot of benefits. If you did not find your situation in the previous 3 paragraphs, then you can safely order an audit – the benefits from it will be indisputable. It is especially worth thinking about it in the following cases:

1. Young site

There is an opinion that audit is not needed for new resources. However, it is not. It is better to immediately optimize the site so that it ranks for the desired search queries and grows in positions without any hiccups.

2. Poor performance

In cases where the site owner sees a lot of refusals and, in general, the statistics leave much to be desired, he begins to believe that the site is not ready for promotion and the audit will not help him. However, very often it is the audit that can identify errors that hinder the promotion of a resource in search engines. You shouldn’t give up on the site, everything can be fixed.

For example, the site is designed for placing orders via mobile devices. But he himself is poorly displayed on them, has an inconvenient mobile interface, which causes a large number of refusals.

3. Brand

Many popular sites are confident that they can boast of a large number of queries by brand. But you can often find a trading network site that is optimized for a specific region and is advertised for general high-frequency queries. And this leads to unnecessary overpayments for non-targeted traffic.

What to believe

There are many misconceptions about auditing. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

1. I myself

This is one of the most common mistakes. Having made an incorrect audit, you can make incorrect edits to the site, the correction of which will take even more time in the future. It is better to do it once with high quality than in the pursuit of savings and then redoes everything.

2. Why is it taking so long

A high-quality audit takes a long time, because it includes a comprehensive analysis of the site. The specialist studies usability, the technical side of the site, its statistics, web visitors,s and much more. It is not always obvious what hinders the promotion of the resource and the growth of sales.

3. Do not do more than one audit

Over time, a lot of useless garbage can accumulate on the site, technical errors appear, and search engine ranking algorithms are constantly changing. Therefore, periodic audits are needed to keep the site in working order and keep it at the top positions.

4. Entrust all the work to one programmer

You should not think that you can hire one programmer, and he will make your site for you, and bring it to the TOP-10, and set up advertising. He, of course, can tune, but all this will work wobbly. One person cannot be an expert in everything at once. And if you aim in the TOP, then it is better to entrust the work to different specialists, each in their field. After all, each area implies a whole range of works, has its own nuances, and takes time for competent implementation.

Do You Need An SEO Site Audit

At the same time, it is not necessary to hire a whole staff of employees, train and monitor their work. By contacting a marketing agency, you get the work of highly qualified specialists for relatively little money and tangible results.

5. SEO audit will replace promotion

An audit allows you to identify problems that hinder the growth of positions, but in itself is not a panacea. Do not think that making changes will immediately bring the site to the top. An audit is an initial step that allows you to prepare a resource for further promotion.

Audit types

Depending on the analyzed area of ​​the site, audits are divided into:

  • technical optimization;
  • SEO optimization;
  • external optimization (search engine);
  • usability of the site;
  • content;
  • complex.

The technical audit is based on the analysis of all software features specific to the resource and includes checking:

  • page loading speed;
  • code validity;
  • displaying the site on various screens;
  • correct display of data in different browsers;
  • site navigation systems;
  • the health of the social media buttons;
  • broken addresses;
  • protect data from copying.

An SEO optimization audit will show how search engine robots and users see the site, check the site indexing, meta tags, and site titles, and determine the presence of filters (sanctions) from the search engines. Backlink Dukan also includes a content audit – checking the optimization of texts and images.

Checking external optimization or search engine audit is based on checking the compliance of the site with the requirements of search engines. Here the link mass of the site is checked, the site registration on the demanded thematic resources, setting up mirror sites. In this case, recommendations for micro-markup and data from traffic counters are used.

Usability analysis determines how convenient a website is to use. It should be borne in mind that the average user is quite lazy and does not want to take unnecessary actions or understand the peculiarities of using the site. If the resource seems too complicated, then the person will leave it very quickly. That is why it is necessary to create the most comfortable conditions for each user who can visit this resource. There shouldn’t be any complex forms, the interface should be simple and familiar.

Comprehensive is a comprehensive analysis of the site, which includes all of the above audits.

So is an audit necessary?

Definitely yes. A good audit will not harm any resource; moreover, it will bring a lot of benefits. By implementing the recommendations obtained during the audit, you will create a unique website that will be well received not only by search robots but also by visitors. Don’t focus only on search engine algorithms or just users. The site should be attractive to some as well as to others. Both of these factors have a strong influence on each other.

Conducting an audit before starting work on optimization and promotion helps to find gaps and shortcomings in the site, determine in which direction you need to work more, and outline an algorithm of actions.

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