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Who is a copywriter and what does he do?
Who is a copywriter and what does he do?

Who is a copywriter and what does he do?

Copywriter: main responsibilities

To boost product sales and/or educate and engage consumers, the copywriter writes clear and enticing copy. This person’s sales writing skills are put to good use by populating websites and blogs. Content is also prepared by the copywriter for the following purposes:

  • products description;
  • email newsletters;
  • booklets with information;
  • advertising banners;
  • technical documentation;
  • commercials;
  • social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram;
  • other means of marketing promotion.

A copywriter’s responsibilities may involve generating new ideas and storyboarding promotional videos (that is, creating a step-by-step video script). The copywriter collaborates with the marketing department and other creative teams to develop communication strategies and to consistently deliver the brand’s message while keeping its “voice” and “tone.” These messages are then disseminated to the target population via print, television, radio, direct mail, and other media.

Susan Hawkins, a copywriter with over 25 years of expertise (including SEO copywriting), claims that a typical copywriter’s workday follows this formula:

  • conducting interviews or searching for materials on a specific topic on the Internet;
  • figuring out how to communicate the concept to a certain target audience;
  • text preparation and subsequent editing;
  • Look for photographs that will help to illustrate the information.

What skills does a copywriter need?

First and foremost, writing abilities. But it’s not only about being able to construct coherent sentences. “A competent copywriter knows how to develop a sales text for a client’s, agency’s, or company’s specific audience,” explains Helen Holt, a freelance copywriter at Writing-preneur Copywriting Services.

Susan Hawkins adds that knowing grammar, spelling, and punctuation is also vital. “You must recognize the distinction between the words “daily” and “every day”: they are not interchangeable. The accurate spelling of words is critical to your professional success.

A copywriter must be able to compose texts for a wide range of audiences, have strong research abilities, and meet deadlines. “If you can’t generate great writing in a timely manner, you’re probably not going to be a copywriter,” Hawkins adds.

Finally, you must meet stakeholder expectations. This is particularly true for a freelancer whose job is to write words that reflect the customer’s vision. “The duty of a copywriter is to deliver customized results,” Holt explains.

How important are digital skills to a copywriter?

It’s crucial. A copywriter isn’t merely someone who writes articles. “To drive traffic to your client’s website, landing page, or blog, you need to know how to optimize content,” explains Holt. In order to know which SEO strategies are most efficient at the present, you must stay up with the current digital technology trends, including changes to Google’s algorithms.

Who is the head copywriter?

Freelance copywriters frequently report to the marketing directors of their clients. Your employer will be an advertising, promotion, or marketing manager if you start working as a copywriter in an agency or company.

How to become a professional copywriter?

Hawkins recommends, “Practice writing and establish your own style.” Plagiarism, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs. She claims, “You will be exposed faster than a crooked politician.”

How to become a copywriter?

A potential specialist in creating sales materials may benefit from specialized schooling in disciplines such as journalism, English, or marketing. However, what would really impress a potential employer is an extensive portfolio of several sample pieces written from online copywriting programs, internships, or while delivering services to non-profit organizations.

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