What is WordPress?

 WordPress is a platform for creating CMS (Content Management System) websites. It is estimated that since 2015, there are more than 80 million websites created in WordPress, which is about 30% of all websites on the Internet . So today, almost every third web page is created in WordPress. In addition, WordPress accounts for 60% of all existing CMS websites and is therefore the most popular CMS in use. Over 50,000 new WordPress sites are created daily.



There are over 29,000 plugins for WordPress that allow the introduction of many additional extensions and features, and one new plugin is created every hour. WordPress developers charge an average of $ 60 per hour for their working time.


Why is WordPress so popular? It is a platform characterized by relative ease of use, easy installation, many features and extensions, a large number of quality and functional templates… Compared to some other CMS systems such as Joomla or Drupal, WordPress is extremely practical, better and more beautiful and is, we can say, “swept” its competition.


Well-known websites that use WordPress: Reuters, Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, CNN, Variety, MTV, Snoop Dogg…


WordPress only started a blogging system, but it evolved a long time ago and outgrew that started role. Today it is used as a first-class Content Management System and with numerous add-ons, widgets and themes there are almost no limits.



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