What is the best hosting provider?

One of the most important decisions when creating a web page is the choice of hosting. This is a server (computer connected to the internet) that is rented to store all the information necessary for your website to function properly, such as databases, images, videos, and other resources. The question that many are asking is which is the best hosting provider?

In the market, you will find many companies that offer this hosting service for your website, but not all of them are adapted to the needs of your project. For example, if your intention is to create a website to offer an online game, you must make sure that the hosting offers excellent features such as good speed and security. 


What is the best hosting provider?

How to choose the best hosting provider?

To choose the best hosting provider for your website you must evaluate a series of key aspects such as:

Loading speed

Loading speed is one of the features most valued by today’s users, who are used to immediacy. Therefore, if the pages they consult do not open quickly, they will most likely go elsewhere, which will increase the bounce rate of your site. In addition, search engines such as Google focus on this aspect for web positioning ( SEO ). Therefore, it is essential that you choose a hosting provider that offers a good loading speed (less than 3 seconds).

Server availability

This is a characteristic that has to do with the period of time that the server remains active without crashing. This is essential for a website because it is what guarantees that it will always be available for users to consult. This is why for a company to be considered the best hosting provider it must have very high uptime. And very high means more than 99%; an uptime of 97%, for example, is considered bad. Ideally, server availability should be 99.99%.


Technical support 

Imagine that you have a problem with your website, you contact the hosting provider and it takes 1 hour to respond. In that time it is likely that you have lost many users and potential customers. Therefore, good hosting must be able to offer high-quality technical support, with 24/7 availability and by different means (email, chat, and even by phone) because you never know when you might have a problem and you need to solve it. as fast as possible.




There are certain aspects that you should take into account when choosing the hosting provider, as they can reinforce the security of your website. For example, elements of the hosting infrastructure are capable of detecting hacking attempts on your website or even anticipating a DDoS attack. Likewise, good hosting will develop automatic backups so that you can recover the information with the minimum possible loss.



Features included

You should also evaluate the features included in the web hosting package you hire. Some include domain, some don’t. There are also companies that incorporate SSL certificate / HTTPS protocol, but not all do so, so you should be careful. Additionally, among the included functionalities, you can find the frequency of backup copies or free migration of websites.



Know the hosting provider that could suit your project

Now that you know the characteristics that you should evaluate in a hosting provider, we want to tell you what are some of the options available in the market that could be adapted to your project.

1. GoDaddy

It is one of the most popular hosting providers. It has more than 18 million clients and they stand out for offering a good webspace since almost all their plans offer unlimited web hosting. In addition, it has good availability. It is a bit expensive, so it is more focused on those who have enough budget. 

2. HostGator 

It is also a popular and in-demand provider. It is considered one of the best for WordPress sites, as it allows you to publish quickly and easily. It stands out for being one of the fastest and for offering good bandwidth and disk space. In addition, it is a ‘green’ company, since its servers are powered by renewable energy.

3. WP Engine

It is an ideal hosting provider for those looking for a managed service with various features to create web pages or blogs using WordPress. It is characterized by offering high-level security, daily backups, automatic plugin updates, and very fast loading times.

4. Hostalia

It is a very popular hosting company thanks to its adjusted prices. They still offer good storage space, as well as a good number of email accounts. In addition, their technical support is active 24 hours a day and they do not limit the traffic that your website can receive. It has good speed and availability.

5. DreamHost

It is one of the longest-running hosting services on the market. It is also one of the most recommended hostings by the WordPress community itself. It stands out for offering good speed and uptime, as well as a simple interface and very useful functions such as backups. 


6. Web company


This provider has also been on the market for quite some time and stands out for offering effective 24-hour support as well as remarkable performance. Although they do not offer much webspace, in recent times they have been updated to offer more options in this regard. Plus, it’s fast and optimized for platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop. 

When asked which is the best hosting provider, you should always consider the requirements of your project in the short, medium, and long term. Likewise, it is important that you consider the key aspects to choosing a good service so that your page works correctly and your project can have the success you expect.




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