What does trol mean?

Words like troll, trolls, trolling, trolling have entered our vocabulary relatively recently. In fact, many of us may use them on a daily basis. But do we know exactly what they mean? Let’s shed some light!

What is a troll?

In the language of the internet, the word troll or better internet troll is used for a person who aims to sow discord in a group or community (eg in a forum) by posting scathing, inflammatory, or off-topic comments.

This act is done intentionally with the intention of provoking strong emotional reactions in the members of a group by entering their conversation.

In this way, he disrupts the normal flow of the conversation, for no particular reason, simply for his own amusement.

In fact, there is a very famous image for trolls that is widely circulated on the internet, the so-called troll face.

This image, created by Carlos Ramirez, is essentially a distorted face that shows the expression trolls have when they annoy people.

Of course, trolling can also be done for a specific purpose, such as to prevent a discussion that the troll does not want to do for his own reasons.

In general, these people are not very dangerous, although they sometimes threaten other users, they are very annoying. In fact, in some cases, they may even lead to the dissolution of a community.

However, in online communities trolls are spotted relatively quickly and marginalized by its members. This is how their action stops.

The meaning of the word troll and its derivatives may be related primarily to the internet, but it is also used elsewhere.

For example in a conversation between friends, when there is someone who disrupts the flow of the conversation to distract others with off-topic comments we say that he is trolling.

Where does the word troll come from?

The etymological origin of the word is not clear. According to one view, it comes from the ancient Scandinavian word troll which means giant.

In fact, in the Scandinavian tradition, the word was used to describe some mythical creatures in the form of a giant or a dwarf.

According to another version, which is probably the most prevalent, the word troll is derived from the similar English word trawl which means trawl which is a kind of fishing net.

This is because trolling is based right there. The troll throws his nets and the would-be victims “pinch” and react by constantly giving him “food” to continue.

Hence the expression “do not feed the trolls”, that is, do not deal with them.

So now that you know what trolls are, do not feed them, and be sure that at some point they will stop on their own!

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