Website speed: how to measure it?

Website speed is a very important factor that determines the user experience of visitors who come to your website, as well as the SEO value or position of your website in Google search results. The faster your page is, the better Google’s algorithm will “see” it and give it a better search position .

How to measure website speed

We can measure the speed of a website in several ways. PageSpeed ​​Insights is Google’s tool for checking the speed of your website, and after entering the website address and analysis, it will award you a certain number of points, which can be from 0 to 100, for mobile devices and desktops in particular.

For example, the speed of this site is 84/100, which is a pretty good result considering that it is a web portal with a lot of articles and pictures. speed Insights is a very high-quality tool for the reason that it will not only measure the speed of your website but will also give you recommendations for improvements.


Another way to measure web speed is through the Google Analytics tool, where under the menu “Behavior” and “Site speed” you have the tool “Page timing”. This will show you the average load time of the entire web page, as well as individual subpages.

You can also measure the speed of the website using the Pingdom tools tool,  where you have the option of choosing between 5 servers of different geographical locations. After measuring the speed, you will get “performance insights”, ie useful and detailed information about what all affects the final result or the speed of your website.


Why website speed is important


As we have already mentioned, the speed of a website is very important, first of all, because of the retention and satisfaction of visitors who come to it, and then because of the better position in search engines like Google. Visitors today do not have much patience and do not like websites that load slowly or leave them very quickly. Therefore, you should take all possible steps to speed up the website, especially if you are selling products and services through the web. Just 1 second of longer loading can cost you literally thousands of dollars a month.


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