Translator app: The 3 best free apps in the test

You can understand almost any language in the world with a translator app. With voice input and intelligent photo recognition, even tricky everyday situations abroad will be no problem. We have tested the best free translator apps for iOS and Android.

Your smartphone becomes the most important travel companion with a translator app. The app will interpret for you if you are not familiar with a term in a text or the person you are speaking to. This is not only useful abroad, but also for learning a foreign language at home. Translation apps are more than simple dictionaries. In addition to searching for individual words, you can also enter and translate entire sentences and even complex texts.

The classic dictionary – PONS Online Translator

From English classes, everyone is familiar with PONS dictionaries. PONS Online Translator brings the extensive book to your smartphone and adds even more features. Additionally to the simple search for terms, as you know them from the offline version, there is a text translation. In this way, complex sentences are translated into the desired language using the DeepL service and you can save yourself a lot of time.
The PONS translator app has a simple and clear structure. There is a field to enter the text to be translated and a microphone symbol for voice input using Google Assistant. You can mark certain phrases as favorites so they can be accessed at any time in the main menu if you need them more often. The PONS app is cluttered with advertising, which is usually placed in a disruptive way.  


The perfect translator: Microsoft Translator

You no longer have to confuse foreign languages with the Microsoft Translator. It offers many options for interpreting texts. You can input a text or a voice message. Photo recognition detects words and texts on photographed objects – such as street signs – and automatically translates them into your native language. Conversation allows you to chat with other users while what you type is automatically translated into their native language for each participant. There is also the option of voice input here, which is particularly helpful in meetings conducted in foreign languages.
Microsoft Translator also has a phrasebook that can be useful. During your stay abroad, you are likely to encounter a variety of everyday situations. Below are some examples. So under Accommodation, you’ll find questions like What does a room cost? You can translate these into any language. It’s easy to use. And it’s completely free.


The Classic in Google Translate

Google Translate is the absolute classic among translator apps. As well as text and voice input, there is photo recognition, handwriting input, and entertainment translation. It is particularly useful if you wish to speak with someone in a foreign language. Immediately, the entertainment translator interprets what is said and even reads the input aloud. Even though the pronunciation isn’t very clear, it works so well.
Google translator is easy to use. Many of its features can be very useful. When abroad, you do not have to rely on data volume or external WiFi networks since all dictionaries can be downloaded as offline versions. Additionally, Google Translate is completely free of ads.

Results of our test – conclusion

When learning a language or traveling abroad, our three translator apps will be extremely helpful. PONS online translator is the classic version. Here you can look up individual terms as in a dictionary. As a result of a collaboration with DeepL, whole sentences can also be translated. Other translation services include Microsoft and Google. They are, however, similar in many ways. Entertainment translation is the only difference. With Google Translate , participants speak into the same smartphone, while with Microsoft Translate, they register with their own phones. There are advantages and disadvantages to both translator apps, which is why we recommend both.





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