Top 5 Website Design Tools

There have been various tools on the Internet for a long time, in fact, online software solutions, for creating relatively fast web pages at a minimal cost. In English, such tools are called website buildersWhat is the advantage of such tools? Website builders allow you to build your own website for relatively little money. All that is required is a good knowledge of English and a minimum of technical prior knowledge related to web design and internet technologies.

These tools work based on drag & drop technology, which allows you to easily drag and stack elements (images, icons, texts…) that will be on your future website. Their additional advantage is that they provide you with free hosting ( hosting the website on a server) which you do not have to pay extra for, and they also usually include a free .com domain for the first year in the price of the serviceThey often also offer unlimited accommodation and an unlimited number of sub-pages.

What is the cost of using such tools? Most of them offer free web design with some basic features, but if you want a more advanced service and want to build a website that will look and work professionally, you will still have to pay something. Prices range from some $ 20 to $ 120 a year, depending on whether you want to create a website for personal or business use, and what all options you want to have included.

We bring you an overview of the 5 such best web design tools.


Weebly is one of the highest-quality online website builders. It has currently built over 30 million websites. It offers quality options, a domain of your choice, the possibility of creating an e-shop, and creating an e-mail newsletter for your business. On it, you can build your website independently from the beginning, or use some of the interesting templates.


This is also a very popular website builder that currently drives 80 million web pages. According to some, Wix is currently the best tool for online web design. It offers hundreds of pre-designed templates that you can customize to your needs. You can even edit the mobile version of your website, or how it will look on tablets and mobile phones.


This newer web builder is currently used by more than a million users. Squarespace offers great templates and a flexible design, but for now, it does not offer the ability to edit mobile versions of the website. There is also no option to create a newsletter.



Jimdo is also one of the newer web builders with about 15 million users. Like all others, it offers predefined templates for websites that can be personal, related to photography, restaurants, beauty salons, agencies, small businesses, etc. Its biggest minus is that it does not currently offer responsive topics, ie you cannot create a website that will adapt to tablets and cell phones.



GoDaddy is best known as a globally popular domain registration service, but it also offers the ability to create web pages through its own online tool. Although GoDaddy does not have a great reputation among users, its advantage is that it uses its infrastructure to provide users with a large number of additional features such as SSL certification, daily back-up, protection against hackers and viruses, etc. for only a few dollars more. It offers over 300 templates from areas such as finance, law firms, entertainment, design, and the like.

Conclusion: Website builder tools can be useful to anyone who has some prior knowledge related to web design, hosting, file management, and the like. In this sense, a quality website can be created, quickly and for a relatively low price. For those who have no prior knowledge of website creation processes, and also do not know English well, it is better not to try to make this type of website because you will most likely pay for something you will not be happy with or will not work well. In this sense, it is best for beginners to turn to a professional to create a website.



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