TITLE tag – what is it?

It’s a title tag. In other words, a page title is a tag in the HTML file designated by <title>. The title tag represents the title of the page and is visible in your browser tabs. The title also appears in search engine results.

Title tag influences natural referencing

Title tags help search engines and Internet users identify the content of your pages. The best practice for title tags is to create unique and relevant titles for each of your pages.

The title tag is a very important SEO factorThere is no better way for search engines to know what the page is than by looking at the title tag. This is why you must take good care of the creation of title tags for your web pages. This is important for creating an effective website.

How to configure a title tag

Page titles should contain keywords related to your business or business. Words at the beginning of your page title carry more weight than words at the end.

If your site is created in WordPress, the process is pretty straightforward. First, each new post receives a title tag that is identical to that of the post’s title. However, if you want to change the title tag, you will need an SEO plugin.





TITLE tag - what is it?

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