Three of the best free apps to quit smoking

Quitting Smoking – It is common for nicotine addicts to fail at least once during their lifetime. There are now non-smoking apps that can help you kick the habit. Here are the best free apps for Android and iOS.

Smoking cessation: The project has more dropouts than studying German. In the beginning of the year, many people resolve to quit smoking and fail miserably. The right apps can assist you in becoming a non-smoker by accompanying you on your journey. Motivation is a very important factor in the fight against nicotine. The strength of non-smoking apps lies in the reward principle, visualizations, and teamwork – there is something in the store for everyone. We can assist you in making your decision. The top three anti-smoking applications for Android and iOS are listed here.

QuitNow – The sociable one


The QuitNow app works with the motto “a suffering shared is a suffering halved.”. Quitting smoking mainly involves the community. That works surprisingly well, depending on the individual. It is intuitive and easy to use. Once you have answered a few questions about your smoking behavior after the installation, you can get started right away. You can always see how long you have been smoke-free, how healthy you are, and how much money you have already saved.


App features include community, health, and achievements. Using the community function, you can create a profile and have access to the chat. After registering via email or Facebook, you can talk with others who inspire you to persevere. Successes tab records nicotine-free days in the calendar and award small badges based on the duration. Step by step (not smoking for two days), the tree hug (no smoking for five days), or dancing on the street (no smoking for fifty days) – you can do it all.

Depending on your stage, you will receive small, loving mementos of your accomplishments. The health feature lists all the benefits of quitting smoking. These include improved blood pressure and a reduced risk of sudden death, as well as normalization of airway functions. In conclusion, QuitNow is a successful app for those who don’t want to confront their weaker selves. Unfortunately, the advertising is annoying.

Rauchfrei Lite (for iOS) – The single-minded one


Rauchfrei Lite is a non-smoking app for loners. Although you can share your successes here with friends, you make the journey alone. Smoker-Free Lite knows that this path will not be easy. Because of this, the application provides you with small motivational aids and rewards you with small gifts, such as the success feature. However, these cannot be activated until after the abstinence hurdles have been cleared. In addition, the developers ensure mental distraction. In weak moments, you can turn to the quizzer – a question-and-answer game that encourages you to think about other things if the temptation is too great.

The Objectives feature is another advantage of Rauchfrei Lite. The app focuses on the cost of smoking. As soon as you have selected the small and large pleasures you would like to obtain as a non-smoker with the money you have saved, the application counts down the days and hours until the time is right. Lastly, the health feature informs you about the physical effects of nicotine consumption. The Rauchfrei Lite app is a welcome support for those who want to quit smoking – even if the app would do a little less advertising.  

Get Rich or Die Smoking (for Android) – The complete one


One of the most popular non-smoking apps is Get Rich or Die Smoking. Get Rich combines determination with the principle of community, allowing you to chat with fellow smokers as well as fight nicotine addiction on your own. Once you have provided a few details about your smoking behavior through the settings, you can begin . There are also small incentives here, in addition to statistics about your cigarette consumption. Depending on the smoke-free days, you will receive small rewards that can be activated and shared with the community.

The wish list is an exciting feature. Here, you can create products that can be purchased with the saved costs. By clicking on the star in the menu, you note the object of your desire, insert the price, and upload a picture. The app starts a countdown and shows you live and visually how long you have to stay smoke-free and how many non-smoking cigarettes you need to buy. Furthermore, Get Rich is also preparing information about the health aspects of smoking, keeping a record of your successes and any relapses. Finally, you can easily share your current status with your friends to further boost your motivation. It is an all-around service, despite the annoying advertisements.

Results of our test – conclusion


Whether you are strong-willed or not: Quitting smoking is not easy. The apps we tested proved to be helpful. With them on your phone, you have no excuses to smoke. It describes smoking’s causes and costs in an enticing and visually appealing way. All three applications take you through the countless small steps that weaning. QuitNow, Rauchfrei Lite, or Get Rich or Die Smoking : All non-smoking apps set reasonable incentives and reward your commitment. Using QuitNow, you can celebrate all small victories and share them with others. In the case of acute withdrawal symptoms, you can use quizzes to successfully distract yourself with Rauchfrei Lite. The app is only available for iOS. For Android users, there is Get Rich or Die Smoking. As the name implies, it is a real badass: Community, target definition, information: every non-smoker will find the right contact information here.


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