The price of a WordPress website

 With the popularity of WordPress websites, the number of which has been growing rapidly on the Internet for years, the cost of creating such pages is an unavoidable issue. So how much should it cost to build a website based on the world’s most popular CMS platform?

The popularity of WordPress websites

First of all, let’s briefly state the reasons why WordPress is so popular in the world today, and more and more in our country. WordPress is a CMS ( content management system) platform that makes it relatively easy to add and edit Internet content (articles, images…) on a web page. Working in WordPress does not require expert knowledge of HTML, nor programming, although such additional knowledge is desirable. However, it is wrong to think that anyone can create a WordPress page without any previous programming/design experience, or at least without basic knowledge of the hosting environment, installation, image processing, simpler HTML commands, etc. Such a WordPress site, if it is a complete beginner and manages to install/configure, will certainly not look very good, nor will it work.



Add to that the fact that WordPress has developed rapidly since its inception, with countless available themes and plugins that significantly expand its functionality, and thus has become a specific web specialization whose expert knowledge requires many hours of learning. and training. Eg. just one plugin – WooCommerce, currently the most popular plugin for webshops  – has dozens of sub plugs or sub-plugins that expand its capabilities and add new options. Just to become a great connoisseur of WooCommerce and all its extensions requires a lot of diligent learning, monitoring, and study, and now imagine the whole WordPress with thousands of different themes, widgets, forms, sliders, utilities, backups, security settings, etc. Indeed, it is a great area to learn and explore, or to paraphrase Shakespeare: “There are many more things in heaven and on earth, dear WordPress user, than dreamed in your philosophy…”


But let’s go back to the subtitle – why is WordPress so popular and increasingly used by large global companies, corporations, and news houses? Perhaps the biggest advantage of WordPress is the user interface. Once the WordPress site is installed and set up properly, even a slightly more advanced user can very easily navigate the WordPress user interface and add new articles, images, news, etc. Unlike e.g. the notorious Joomla that has been thrown into the throes of IT technology by a terrible lack of intuition and complexity.


In addition, pages in WordPress today in 99% of cases are responsive and easy to connect to social networks, and the number of ready-made themes and add-ons is so large that everyone can relatively easily find what they need and like. In short, WordPress has simplified web design, but not in a way that has impoverished them with features; just the opposite.


Who can pay for it…

And while ten years ago you had to set aside tens of thousands of kunas for a CMS-type website, today you can get a quality WordPress website for an incomparably smaller amount. In fact, it is ungrateful to talk about how much a website should cost because it depends on many factors: the type of website, the amount of content, the market for which it is intended, ancillary services such as logo design, image processing, etc. However, we can freely say that WordPress will not throw you into bankruptcy.
Also, if you don’t want to pay for a unique website with unique programming and design, you can go even cheaper. Creating a WordPress site based on ready-made premium templates (themes) is becoming increasingly popular today for two very simple reasons: professional studios working on WordPress templates will probably code their template better and better than buying a custom theme because they are professionals who know their The template is likely to buy hundreds, if not thousands of people. Eg. Avada- one of the most famous WP themes – it has sold more than 200,000 copies so far (or licenses – to be more precise). Do you think that some design studio that does the WP theme just for you will decode it better and of better quality than a studio that will sell it in the thousands? On the other hand, those who convince you that unique themes are better because they are – well, unique, are actually selling you fog. In so many seasons of premium templates with a myriad of different options for each, the chance that someone will come across two of the same WordPress websites on the internet is zero. Besides topics that are sold on the popular service type ThemeForest has excellent support – even if you have something stuck in the installation/setup themes, you will always get the support of the programming study to help.
The price of a WordPress website


Another advantage of WordPress templates is that you can choose and see in advance what your website will look like. So, it can’t happen that you end up disappointed with the design/look that you then have to pay for. And if you want to completely change the look of your website in a couple of years, no problem – all you need to do is buy a new template (which usually costs $ 50-60).
Although WordPress templates or almost themes will probably not be able to be used for some highly specialized websites that then need to be tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the client, the vast majority of private and business users can find high-quality templates that will suit their needs. provided they are installed and customized by experienced WordPress experts.

The price of a WordPress website

And finally – how much would it really cost to create a WordPress website? As already mentioned, this can depend on a very large number of factors. If you do not already have a logo, images, texts that need to be written and proofread, if you want a multilingual web page with texts that then need to be translated… then the price is higher than if you do not need it all, or that you already have prepared materials and graphics elements. Eg. sometimes just making a logo and processing photos can cost a few thousand kunas. The price also depends on whether you want to use a ready-made template or you want a unique WP theme to be designed and coded for you.
For some simpler websites with about 5 menus type o Our Services, About Us, Contact, etc. the price usually ranges somewhere in the range of 3000 – 7000 kuna, depending on what you need. It is a better option to order a WordPress website based on a ready-made template and go through something cheaper, and then invest the difference in quality SEO optimization and articles, than to pay for a unique design and ignore SEO. The vast majority of people think that buying a website has resolved their status on the web, and then they realize that no one visits their website because it has very poor search results. We can pictorially say that the website is a ship, and the SEO wind that carries that ship across the wide internet sea. Without SEO, your website is lost in the open sea…
Here again, the advantage of WordPress comes to the fore, which was actually created as a popular blogging platform, and by its nature is ideal for adding textual content, ie new posts, and news that will generate traffic and improve your organic search results. And there is the legendary Yoast plugin, with which you can achieve very high SEO results for certain keywords…


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