The biggest advantages of having a responsive website

Responsive Design is a type of design that builds a site based on a user’s screen size. This type of design helps to improve the user experience, as the form of a website remains the same regardless of the device the user is on.

Nowadays, most users are online with their mobile phones, so it is essential for businesses to follow this type of design for their websites. And especially if you think that all your competitors are already doing it, you can not lag behind.


Designing a website is the first image

Once a user visits a website the first thing they will see is its design and format. A good design will create a good first impression on the user and will make him stay.

If your website has modern elements, the right choice of colors, fonts, and structure, then there is a good chance that the user will spend more time on it. The first impression is always important because it will probably determine the future relationship of the user with your business.

Good design helps in SEO

Google has announced that one of the most important ranking factors today is whether a business website is responsive or not.

Google wants to make sure that it promotes the best, optimized content to the user by offering a unique online experience. The better designed and more secure your business website is, the more Google will promote it in the top positions of search results.

Some additional important factors regarding the ranking of your website are:

The time the user spends on your website

The bounce rate, ie the rate of abandonment of a page by the user as soon as he visits it without interacting with it at all

The conversion rate, ie the percentage of users who visit a page and end up doing something, such as filling out a contact form, a purchase

If the website pages are easy to navigate then the user will want to stay longer in them and discover more about your business, especially if good design is combined with quality content with value.

You stand out from the competition

All businesses today already have or are about to build a responsive website for their business. This means that if your business does not, then users are likely to choose another business with similar services and products to yours.

Some important elements that will improve the user experience are:

Easy navigation on your website: the user must know exactly how to find the website information, service, or product. Also, when he wants to buy a product he must be clear about the steps he must follow to complete an order.

The more difficult it is for the user to navigate your website, the more likely they are to leave your site and visit someone else.

Add CTA: the user needs to know what action you expect him to take. Do you want to buy it? Do you want to fill out a contact form? Get more information about your business?

Font selection: it is important to have uniformity in your website and in the choice of fonts. They should be simple and easy to read, but also you should not choose too many different ones because they will confuse the user.


High-Quality Images: High-quality content that has value to the user will contribute to a better user experience. Images of very good resolution with interesting content will gain the user’s attention and will make him spend more time on your website.


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