The best WordPress plugins for websites

If you have a website made in WordPress, for a long time the most popular CMS platform that drives more than a quarter of the entire web, then you are probably familiar with the fact that there are thousands of different plugins or plugins for WordPress that expand the functionality of the website and bring many additional features. In this forest of free and premium add-ons, we have singled out the 5 best and most important ones that can significantly improve the quality, security, and performance of each WordPress site. Here are these WordPress plugins:

The best WordPress plugins for websites



Akismet  / spam protection /

Akismet is an add-on that will protect your website from numerous spam comments . It’s completely free and once you install it, forget about annoying spam that would otherwise bombard you with countless generic and pointless comments.


Wordfence Security / safety /

This add-on will significantly raise the security level of your WordPress website. It is free in the basic version and will stop most potential attacks. It has more than a million active installations, and no high level of knowledge is required to use it. It offers you the ability to regularly scan potentially infected pages, the ability to block visitors by the countries they come from, view live traffic, speed up a website based on caching, and more. The premium version offers even more advanced security features.


WP Super CACHE / faster loading /

For good SEO results, it is important that your site is fast to load (you can use Google Page Speed for testing purposes ). For faster loading, the WP Super CACHE add-on, which is of exceptional quality and intended for both beginners and advanced users, will help you. If you want a better position in the Google search engine based on faster loading of your website, be sure to install this plugin.


Yoast / SEO optimization /

We have already written about Yoast, but here we will only repeat that it is probably the best plugin for SEO optimization of your website. It will allow you to write quality SEO articles based on specific keywords and will show you all the key SEO settings you need to pay attention to in order to have the best possible search results. Like most other add-ons, Yoast has a basic free and advanced paid version.


Contact Form 7 / contact form /

This plugin has been downloaded from the plugin repository more than 35 million times so far, which testifies enough to its popularity and quality. What good is a website if visitors can’t contact you, send you a message, or inquiry via a quality form? Contact Form 7 serves precisely this purpose, to generate a contact form according to your specific requirements and needs.

Premium WordPress Plugins Market

Most WordPress plugins are free, at least in the basic version, and you are free to download them from the repository within the WordPress dashboard. In addition to free ones, a market for premium supplements has also been developed for which a certain amount needs to be set aside (usually somewhere between $ 5 and $ 20). You can find the largest number of such premium add-ons in the popular segment of the  Envato market called codecanyon , where you can buy hundreds of them, and they are sorted by categories such as Forms, SEO, Social Networking, etc. Premium add-ons are usually much better than free add-ons. purpose and you will also receive the author’s support in case of any problems.



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