The best SEO plugins for WordPress in 2021

Top SEO plugins for WordPress in 2021


WordPress has reached 50 million sites developed with its platform and has become one of the most used CMS. Its ease of use, installation, and  SEO optimization has led to success. Plugins have become the new SEO tools for WordPress, leading many people to believe that SEO for this content manager ends up being just that, a choice of plugins. All useful SEO plugins for WordPress details are Here for you.

Be careful with the plugins you install

From time to time you have to take certain precautions with some decisions. In many cases, we have come across a wide variety of plugins that can cause serious SEO errors: duplicate meta titles and descriptions, canonicals to different pages, bad configurations, buggy updates, and even slow loading of many pages due to having the code. poorly optimized.
Before installing a plugin, you should review the following points:
  • Compatibility with your current template
  • Compatibility with your other installed plugins
  • The latest plugin update is recent
  • Compatibility with your version of PHP
  • That the average of valuations is positive, as it will be a sign that it is working well and doing its job.
With that said, we share the list of what we think are the best SEO plugins for WordPress. If you know of someone else that is not on the list that we are going to share with you and could benefit SEO, we invite you to include them in the comments so that we can assess them.

WordPress SEO plugins for general settings

We start this list with two of the best plugins to configure all the most generic SEO aspects of your WordPress.
Rank Math
Until a couple of years ago, everyone assumed that Yoast SEO was the best plugin. It is still a plugin with many functionalities, but it is usually a bit more complex and lately, there have been many errors in the last updates.
Rank Math is the SEO plugin for WordPress that has all the features of Yoast but with a more intuitive, easier, and more flexible design. It offers an almost automatic configuration and allows you to import all your data configured in Yoast to do a migration and give you a chance to realize that it is up to any other SEO plugin for WordPress.
Yoast SEO
We put it in second place as Rank Math is the novelty when it comes to SEO optimization plugins for WordPress. However, it is still the most used plugin today due to its multiple functionalities and characteristics.
With hardly any knowledge, anyone can configure and improve the SEO of their website: URL structure, optimize page titles, create a sitemap, index or de-index pages, etc.

SEO Plugins for WordPress to optimize the loading speed

We go with the best SEO plugins to optimize the performance of your website with WordPress. Another fundamental factor to improve your SEO on Page.
WP Rocket
WP Rocket is one of the most powerful and complete plugins because it optimizes practically all the aspects that your site needs to increase its performance. This plugin is paid, but the level of optimization that you get with WP Rocket is not achieved with any other.
It is very simple to use and it is even compatible with CDN, another fundamental aspect for the WPO of your website.
Another of the cache plugins that you need to know and should be on your list of plugins to choose from. Autoptimize is also super easy to configure and has many optimization features: HTML, CSS, JS code, images, CDN, etc.
Plugins to optimize your images
Forget about heavy images with these plugins that you are going to see below.
Imagify is one of those plugins that allow you to optimize the images on your website. One of the most frequent problems in terms of WPO is the issue of heavy images.
How many times have we seen pages that take more than 10 seconds to load? I’m sure that much of that is to blame for the images.
With this plugin you will be able to compress your images in a simple and efficient way, you just need to register and obtain the API Key to make it work. Logically, you can also compress your images from its website. is another image compression and optimization plugins that will help you improve the load level of your WordPress. It supports up to 32MB images and is completely free, although with a limited fee that you can avoid with its premium features.

Link management plugins

Off-Page SEO plugins for WordPress. Have you checked that your website does not have broken links that lead to 404 pages?
Would you like to improve the Budget crawl of your website with the famous obfuscation method?
With these plugins, you can do both.
Broken Link Checker
Who has not ever had a broken link due to a URL that we have removed or changed?
That Google detects broken links on your website can seriously harm the SEO of your WordPress website. Therefore, the functionality of this plugin is to track all your links to indicate which of them do not work.
With a simple plugin, you can be warned of all the errors on your website.
Link Juice Optimizer
Have you ever heard of obfuscation?
We call obfuscation the technique we use to “hide” links that we do not want Google to crawl and are not relevant to the SEO of our WordPress.
With this plugin, you can obfuscate any link by its ID, CSS class, or its href attribute. Easy and simple.
You can obfuscate links within the content, in the menu, in widgets, and even in most Wocoomerce elements in the case, you use a store.
SEO plugins to improve CTR of Your WordPress Website
Are your pages in Google not getting the expected results?
Not sure how to highlight your results in the SERPS?
With these plugins, you can easily increase the CTR.
Ultimate FAQ
Have you ever seen the pages that contain a list of questions and answers?
These types of rich results are called FAQpage, which are intended to offer extra information about our pages, and logically help the SEO of our WordPress.
If you get your result to appear in the search with that rich format, you will be able to considerably increase the CTR of your pages since you will be highlighting your result above the others.
With the Ultimate FAQ plugin, you can easily include this list of questions and answers. There are many other ways to achieve this rich result, and installing this plugin is one way to do it.
KK Star Rating
Do you remember the famous stars that also appear in the results?
Until recently, Google removed them from its internal search engine, however, it is still the plugin that has worked best at the CTR level since it managed to stand out in the results significantly.
You will likely still see some results with stars, although, in most results, these have already disappeared.
Maybe Google will add them again in the future, who knows.
The plugin market today is huge and everyone will use whatever they consider based on their experience or feedback from others. The plugins, we could say that they are something personal since in the end, they will only serve you and no one else.
One tip we give you: deactivate or uninstall the plugins that you are no longer going to use. For example, if you have already compressed your images or fixed all the broken links, you can deactivate those plugins since you don’t need them. This way you do not overload your database or your server, and thanks to that, the performance is much better.
Remember, if you know of any other plugin that you use and benefit the SEO of your website, we invite you to share it in the comments.

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