Telegram: How to See Who Is Blocking You


You can find out very quickly whether a contact is blocking you on Telegram. We’ll show you how.

If you are blocked on Telegram, you will not receive any notification. Can you still tell if someone is blocking you? Yes, you can. There are some pointers that can tell you who is blocking you on Telegram. And here you can find out who is blocking you on Whatsapp.



Online status “Seen a long time ago” appears

Below a contact’s name is their “Last Seen” status. If someone blocks you, your status will change to “Seen a long time ago”. Even if you know exactly that the contact was only recently online and active.

Note that this status also appears if someone has not used Telegram for more than a month.

If a Telegram contact has deactivated “Last seen”, you cannot see the online status, only “last seen recently” appears here.


The profile picture is suddenly missing

If all of a sudden there is only the abbreviation such as “DS” in the place of the profile picture, then this is an additional indication that you are being blocked. The contact could of course have simply removed their profile picture, but if several points from this article apply, the indications that someone is blocking you intensify.


Voice and video calls are no longer successful

With Telegram, you can make video and voice call over an internet connection. If you are blocked, calls are no longer successful. The message “No connection possible” appears. Warning: This message also pops up if the recipient has specified in the settings that calls should not be accepted.


The message is not delivered – just a check mark

If you send a message to a Telegram contact and only a tick appears under the message, then this is another indication. A tick means that your message was received in the Telegram cloud and the recipient was notified. A second tick only appears when your contact taps the message or opens the shared chat. As long as the contact does not read the message, there will be no second tick. Therefore, this is just one more indication that you are being blocked if the other pointers in this article apply.


Create a new Telegram group

Create a new Telegram group and add, among other things, the contact who you suspect may be blocked. Then take a close look at the participants in the group. If the contact does not appear here, it has blocked you.

But it is interesting: If you are already in an existing group with the blocker, you can still write to him in the group. Of course, the other group members will also see this message.

Note: Most of the points also apply if a person has deleted their Telegram account.


So you can block a contact at Telegram yourself

To block someone yourself, navigate to “Menu at the top left (three strips) – Settings – Privacy and safety – Blocked users “and then tap on” Block user “. Now select the desired contact.

You can also open the person’s chat, tap on their name, then on Options in the upper right corner (three dots) and then on “Block user”.


You can “release” contacts again in the same way. You will not be able to see any messages that the contact sent you while it was blocked.




How To See Who Is Blocking You On Telegram

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