Telegram: create backup and transfer chat – how does it work?


If you change your mobile phone, you usually want to transfer all previous chats from Telegram to the new device. This raises the question of whether and how you can create a Telegram backup to access previous chats.

Unlike WhatsApp and other messengers, Telegram does not offer a proper backup function. So you cannot make any settings to transfer your previous chats and data from Messenger to a new mobile phone. There is a much easier way to do this.

Telegram: restore old chats to a new phone

With Telegram, chats are not saved locally on the smartphone, but in the cloud. This applies to both text messages and media files such as pictures or videos. The personal data is linked to your registered mobile phone number. After logging in with your mobile number, you can access your calls across all devices without having to create a backup beforehand. The profile picture and other personal settings are also transferred directly after registration.


If you have taken your old phone number with you, you can simply use it to log in to Telegram on the new smartphone and you can immediately see all previous chats. With a new number and a new cell phone, you can also log in with the old number or switch your account to the new cell phone number. However, you are not allowed to log in to Telegram again with the future phone number beforehand, as the transfer of the old account no longer works this way.

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Telegram: Transfer chats to the new number

To see the old chats with the new number, do the following:


  1. Put the SIM card with your new number in the old smartphone on which Telegram is currently installed.
  2. Start Telegram. You are still logged into the app with the previous number.
  3. Open the app’s settings.
  4. Tap your phone number here.
  5. Now you choose the option Change number.
  6. Enter your new number that Telegram will use in the future.
  7. You will receive an SMS with a confirmation code to this number.
  8. The account with the old number will be deleted after confirmation. The data is now in the account with the updated number.

Instead of the old cell phone, the number can also be transmitted using the browser version of TelegramIf you no longer have a device on which the old number is registered, you cannot link your old account to a new mobile number.

Export chat

You can export the Telegram chat to an HTML file using the desktop application on the PC. So you can keep your conversations even if you delete your Telegram account, for example.


  1. To do this, first, download the program to your computer.
  2. After logging in, press the three bars on the top left.
  3. Switch to the settings via the gear symbol.
  4. The controller icon (three lines with dots) leads you to the advanced settings (“Advanced”).
  5. With “Export Telegram Data” you can create a backup of your Telegram content.
  6. The export must be approved via the Telegram app on the mobile phone.
  7. Specify which data should be made available.
  8. The chats are saved in the Telegram Desktop installation folder.




How To Create Backup of Chats In Telegram

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