SocialSnap: a WordPress plugin to manage the sharing of your content on social networks

Social networks are a major source of traffic for many sites, especially media and blogs.

Many people set up buttons for readers to share articles on social media.

The results, however, are sometimes catastrophic. To avoid this, I suggest you check out Social Snap

Make it easy to share your content with your site visitors


This WordPress plugin allows you to customize the sharing buttons on your site as well as the final display of your content on social networks.


The ultimate goal is to bring traffic to your site, but also to boost engagement.

SocialSnap offers over 30 share buttons so your readers can share your content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

It is possible to modify the shape, the color, the animations as well as the location of the buttons.

The LivePreview feature allows you to see live how your buttons will appear on your site, as you make changes.

You decide which social networks appear on your site, based on the preferences of your users.

It is also possible to display the number of shares on a particular social network.

Now that your share buttons are live, it’s time to manage the appearance of the shares.

SocialSnap lets you customize the way your posts appear on social media.

You can modify the descriptions as well as the images according to social networks so that the shares are optimal. 

Other features offered by SocialSnap

Social monitoring options

This feature displays the different social networks on which your business is present and allows visitors to your site to follow you with one click. 

Click to Tweet

Allows you to share key quotes in your articles by simply inserting in Click To Tweet the links of the tweets you want to promote, with light analytics tracking to get a holistic view of sharing on social media.

Social login

For visitors to connect to your site via the social network of their choice 

Social Auto-Poster

To send your posts automatically to social networks. 

Boost old posts

And the ability to boost your old Twitter and LinkedIn posts via SocialSnap.



SocialSnap is the perfect tool for bloggers, media, and any site that wants to get more traffic and increase engagement. 





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