Show me the signature on your email, to tell you what professional you are

It may seem bad to you when you hear it and you will be right. Signing your email can not prove how good a professional you are. But it can reveal whether you are an “old” and “tired” professional or “fresh” and “adapted” to modern practices.

In short, your signature is your way of declaring that you are following the market trends and events. It is good to remember that especially in entrepreneurship, such trends do not come by chance, but through in-depth research. So why not use them to your advantage? Especially when you trade abroad, where the signature on your email is in a way the mirror of your business.

Below is a list of what modern research suggests you pay attention to when writing your online signature.

1) Do not include the address of your business in the signature of your email (eg 45 Magnisias, Thessaloniki). It’s like being introduced again and again. Remember that unnecessary information is tiring.

2) Always include your phone in your signature. If you trade with foreign countries, do not omit the prefix (code) of the country you live in (eg +30 210 …… ..).

3) There is no reason to rewrite your email. It is like telling the recipient that you consider him stupid enough to realize that he can find your email in the sender’s place.

4) Include your website in the signature, without mentioning the word website. For example, is enough for the other person to understand why we are talking.

5) Be careful not to use large and strange fonts. And here the rule applies that the simple and unpretentious is the most elegant.

6) Do not enter a fax number. With so many other modern means of communication, fax is considered primitive and refers to the practices of the ’90s.

7) Remember that if you copy & paste an image or a logo in your email, it will reach the recipient as an attached file or it may never reach. The best way to add an image or your logo is through the “settings” of your electronic signature.

8) Remember that the image or logo that you will add to the settings of your electronic signature, should not be a heavy file, because it is slow to open to the recipient and causes irritation.

9) Do not forget to add links that refer to your company’s social media. If you have an account on many social media, do not list them all. Choose 2-3 of the ones that are considered most important, eg Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube. Do not put in your signature the entire URL for each social media.

10) Keep in mind that according to official statistics, an average professional exchanges 41 emails/day. So be careful not to tire him with unnecessary information. Avoid slogans, quotes, or references in your list of services. Being able to communicate on a daily basis means that the recipient already knows what is needed.

Finally, before sending your first email with your new electronic signature, make sure that you have done some tests. The fact that you have a Gmail account, for example, does not always guarantee that your electronic signature will appear as beautiful and compact in the email that your customer will receive in his Hotmail or yahoo account.

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