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SEO will become even more important - anti-crisis forecasts of the MediaNation agency

SEO will become even more important – anti-crisis forecasts of the MediaNation agency

Digital experts are currently dealing with two issues: a drop in customer demand and a loss of experience in international social networks. However, neither of these factors impedes us from generating excellent work results. Ivan Barchenkov, MediaNation’s Development Director, offered sound advice on where to allocate advertising expenditures and where to find an audience.

What is the forecast for the end of March?

Russians’ purchasing power and consumer demand will dwindle in the foreseeable future. Companies’ advertising activities will be affected as a result of this; promotion channels and, maybe, budgets will be examined.

Companies will continue to market; the only question is how much they will advertise. We are concerned about this situation since advertising companies rely on commissions from ad costs to make a living.

We collaborate with all of the major advertising platforms. Today, the work of Westerners is being questioned. The major Russian advertising platforms Yandex and MyTarget, which contain the social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, and other services, have been running for many years, so this is not critical for our advertising industry. As well as Telegram, where the Instagram audience is very active.

Advertising dollars will be transferred to Russian advertising platforms and social networks based on the audience.

We’ll confront challenges, but they won’t bring the advertising business to a halt.

What are you doing to keep customers?

Some of our clients will face challenges, and it is our job to help them as much as possible. The tourism industry, as well as businesses that rely on the import of goods and components, will suffer. They are now more concerned with the need to radically reinvent business models than with digital marketing.

We anticipate that the government will encourage the domestic IT industry and that our new technology projects in the advertising field will progress more quickly. As a result, we’re helping to build SearchBooster (a successor for Algolia), a solution for searching for products on online shop websites, and StreamMyData, an end-to-end analytics platform (similar to Google Analytics).

StreamMyData collects information from a variety of sources, including advertising accounts, CRMs, and Yandex. Metrica, mobile applications, and a website are all transferred to a database or web-analytical system for merging and visualization. You can tailor auto-suggestions and manage your search results with SearchBooster. As a result, you can frequently give users things that require the further promotion in order to boost sales.

We keep a level mind about what’s going on, keep in touch with clients, and brainstorm various scenarios for the next steps together.

Customers will be faced with the difficulty of maintaining business in the near future. And advertising will play a critical role in finding a solution.

What steps have you come up with to save traffic?

Google has postponed the launch of Russian advertising. You must realize that restricting one channel creates opportunity for the growth of another. Ad removal will have no effect on user demand.

Organic search and other media outlets will receive all of the traffic.

Advertisers will begin moving their budgets to other performance platforms and building new traffic channels in the near future. As a result, there will be more competition on these sites, raising the cost of placement.

The significance of SEO promotion will grow. The majority of traffic in search will go to sites in the top three positions, with less traffic going to sites in the top ten and below. Unfortunately, there are no easy fixes for getting a website to the top of the search results. However, this does not exclude the initiation or continuing of systematic action to boost the site’s search engine exposure. Focus on increasing the CTR and improving the appearance of your site in the search results if your site has already been successfully promoted through SEO. Even if you stay in the same place in the SERP, the better your snippets are, the more clicks you’ll get.

Facebook and Instagram are also down for the time being. It’s difficult to ignore Instagram, which is almost the most popular social media platform among Russians (accounting for 35.5 percent of traffic consumed, according to 2021 data). However, this is not the only huge platform available in Russia. VKontakte, which has a 28 percent market share, and TikTok, which has a 24 percent market share, are attempting to stay up. Telegram has been added to them, with over a billion downloads already.

Alternative traffic retention channels today:

  • Yandex (advertising in search, YAN, Yandex.Video);
  • myTarget;
  • “In contact with”;
  • Telegram;
  • TikTok.

Due to fears of being blocked on Instagram, users are already flocking to these and other Russian social media platforms.

What should companies and specialists do right now?

Cooperating with agencies is a win-win situation for all parties involved. Agencies use postpaid advertising systems, and they can currently move budgets to Russian promotion channels.

Request that your firm devotes special attention to Yandex. Transfer Google Ads funds to Yandex. Direct and promote campaigns that have yielded positive outcomes. We anticipate more competition in the YAN, so the transfer of budgets from the CCM and classroom pricing modifications in the Yandex network should be completed as soon as possible.

If you want to keep operating media efforts, you should first transfer budgets to Yandex. To maintain coverage, video and VKontakte infrastructure will be used.

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