SEO optimization on social networks, or free promotion to the top

There was a time when the contents of the social network Vkontakte was not indexed by Yandex and Google, in other words, the network was closed from search engines. But everything is changing, and now social media content is available in a global search. At the same time, Vkontakte groups and the public even have some concessions – the standard filters of search engines do not apply to them, which allows you to successfully work in this direction.


Once the groups are shown in the overall show, then there must be a way to promote them as high as possible. And it exists, and it’s completely free. It’s about SEO optimization on social networks. Consider several important rules for registering a VKontakte group for the successful growth of its positions.

As you call a boat, you’ll get much traffic


Several factors influence the position a group takes in search results.



  • group name
  • description
  • the content
  • comments



It would seem that everything is obvious. Just how to work with it?


It is easy if you know that the name of the group plays a key role in this list Include a phrase that captures the essence of your product. No need to take the highest frequency request. Use Yandex Wordstat to search for key phrases with results of 5000 impressions or less.
You should not call a group the name of a project or company (only if you are not Apple or Coca-Cola). Take the phrase, according to which a user who is not familiar with your services will be able to reach you and satisfy your need by getting what he needs.
“Creating a site from scratch”, “English tutor”, “Renting a private home” – any queries that reflect the activities of your project, but are not high-frequency, are suitable. Then you can already write the name of the product, or city, if you provide services in a certain territory.

How to work with other optimization factors?


It’s also important to write a group description correctly using keywords. Not forgetting that any text on a social network is written for people.


Search engines see only the last 10 posts posted on your wall and only 3 comments to them. What to do with this is up to you. The easiest way is to regularly post relevant content on the topic of the request, and follow the first comments at the time of spam and profanity.


Posts and comments change regularly, and search engines do not always have time to index them in a timely manner. Therefore, when optimizing a group, the most important attention should be paid to the most permanent elements – the name and description.



Where else does optimization work?


Similarly, almost all social networks are indexed. Use the same technique (with other keywords) when creating pages on Facebook and Twitter. The more search queries you reach, the more traffic you’ll get in the end. These will be targeted users interested in your services.


It is not always easy to simply promote your site to the top positions of SERPs, and without an infusion of funds it is almost impossible. Groups and accounts on social networks can play a good role in promoting the product and increasing brand awareness.


Keeping a group or public on a social network is not only a great way to interact with users, but also a great tool for getting live traffic directly from search engines, without spending a precious budget. Why not take this great opportunity? Future users themselves want to find you, you just need to help them a little.



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