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Russian smartphones are turned off by Google.
Google отключает российские смартфоны

Russian smartphones are turned off by Google.

The reason for this is that the United States recently modified its export regulations, which now include restrictions clauses limiting the delivery of a variety of goods and services to Russia. This includes software. The US administration is expected to explain the list of export restrictions for Russia today, although it’s difficult to predict what will drive it in this situation.

Google has already begun terminating contracts with Russian companies that build smartphones under their own brands in response to government demands. To put it plainly, the release of domestic Android cellphones is getting troublesome. Updates to the operating system will also be disabled.

The shortfall of Google administrations on Russian Android handsets is the third nail in the casket. Basically, it changes over electronic gadgets into metal and plastic items with chips and a presentation.

The next step could be a ban on the supply and sale of Android devices in Russia, which would damage all businesses, both domestic and international. This threatens to turn smartphones and tablets into black rectangles, while TVs, smartwatches, computers, vehicles, and other “Internet of Things” equipment will become radically “dumb.” And, of course, Google services will be unavailable as a result.

The shutdown will be easy to manage because all enterprises that use the Android operating system must undergo firmware certification in Google-approved labs.

Only domestic makers of Android handsets have been affected thus far. BQ, INOI, DEXP, TEXET, Highscreen, AYYA, and others are among them.

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