Podcasting: a powerful digital content marketing tool


 Deepen your relationships with your audience and attract new customers to your business with one of the most important marketing tools, podcasting. 




What are podcasting and podcasts? 

Podcasts are audio-specific episodes that are available online. All you have to do is find a platform (like pod.gr ) or a podcast application (like Spotify ) that suits you and then try some of the thousands of podcasts that are made around the world. All podcasts are free and most are available through many different applications. An episode can last from 5 minutes to hours. 


The production of a podcast, otherwise known as podcasting, offers your business the opportunity to become even more creative by moving away from the text of the blog or a video on social media. It is important to realize that podcasts are not just a branding tool, but they create value for the audience that follows you. Your listeners feel connected to your business, gain a sense of belonging, learn about their interests, and are part of a podcast community. 

4 Reasons to Invest in Podcasting 


At first, you may be hesitant to trust podcasting as a content marketing tool for your business. Discover the 4 main reasons why podcasting deserves to be part of your next strategy:

Attracting new audiences

The podcasting ideally complements any marketing action performed to increase awareness of your brand to your target audience. If your podcasts focus on topics that the target audience is interested in learning or discussing, then it will continue to grow. Through the podcasts you create and the topics you choose, you have the opportunity to talk about your brand and present it to your listeners, without this process looking sophisticated. As podcasters in Greece so far fewer than bloggers or YouTubers, the competition is not great, so your podcasts have a significant chance to be heard and spread more easily to your target audience. In addition, a collaboration with experienced podcasters who already have a loyal audience is the best solution for promoting your business. 

Remember that the podcasters you choose – as is the case with influencers – should align with the audience you are interested in and the philosophy of your brand. 

Loyalty and trust of your audience

In every content creation effort, your business makes, consistency is the key to success. This is especially true for podcasts. Just as you look forward to the new episodes of your favorite TV series every week, so your audience will be waiting for your next podcast. Consistency in the day and time you post each of your podcasts cultivates a relationship of trust and loyalty with your audience, encouraging them to return to your channel over and over again. 

Not surprisingly, 65% of the following podcasts say they are more willing to buy services or products that they regularly hear on podcasts.

Stimulation of emotions

Think about how many emotions you can convey to your audience through your blog articles or your posts on social media platforms. Imagine now that these feelings are multiplied by listening to the voice of your podcast presenter. Have you ever heard the term Emotional marketingThe emotions that your audience will experience while listening to the podcast are crucial to the buying process. It is essential, then, that the issues you choose to address stimulate emotions that lead to a purchase. 

Before choosing the topic of your podcast, research the current topics that concern and have the greatest value for your buying audience. This way you will understand its collective psychology and ensure that your content is relevant to its needs and requirements. 

Easy access

Your listeners can listen to your podcasts from anywhere at any time without an internet connection. They simply press play… at work, in cooking, in cleaning, in the gym or while driving.

The easier it is to access your content, the more likely listeners are to invest their time in it!

Find the goals you want to achieve

It is necessary to devote a lot of time to define your goals, as with any marketing strategy you follow. Make sure the goals you set are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound ( SMART ). 

Some goals could be:

Increase the visibility of your brand


How many listeners do you hope to gain in the first six months, the first year, etc.? The more listeners you get, the more your business will be promoted.

Profit increase


Do you hope for an increase in your sales by doing podcasting for your business? What rate of increase would you be happy with? When you finally expand and shape your audience, it is the turn of the ads that will increase your sales.

Increase organic traffic to your website

How many people do you hope will visit your website listening to one of your podcasts? 

Creating collaborations

As your business podcasts grow, you will be given many opportunities. Some of them will be the invitation to other podcasts, the sponsorships, the collaboration with other podcasters, etc. Think very carefully about which “doors” of collaboration you would like to open through your podcast that will benefit your business.

TIP: Do not forget to regularly review your goals and adjust them to your strategy. Over time you may notice that your goals change and are shaped differently from the beginning. This is a very good sign that you can and do understand the needs of your audience. Just remember that all your goals must be in line with the principles of the SMART model.


Try podcasting, one of the most effective content marketing tools, and watch your business grow fast! A series of podcasts increase the organic traffic to your website and the traffic to your social media channels. At the same time, however, it creates an active community capable of following you every step of the way.

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