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Only your website: where to lead the audience in difficult times
Only your website: where to lead the audience in difficult times

Only your website: where to lead the audience in difficult times

“What you don’t control doesn’t belong to you,” says an old proverb that is as true now as it has ever been. In practice, our money in banks isn’t really ours, and they have complete control over our material (including advertising!) on social media and video hosting sites. Furthermore, there are a variety of… huh… actors both inside and outside the country.

Only a few foresee the unprecedented scenario that Russian companies and the self-employed (including bloggers and article site proprietors) found themselves in. Those that used targeting to market their items on Facebook and Instagram are no longer able to do so. Those who had recently become tired of social networks’ practice of limiting free post impressions and still struggled for public notice were left with a small number of domestic sites to choose from.

Those who made a living by video blogging on YouTube, TikTok, and platforms like Twitch have had their channel monetization removed or will be soon. Russian content authors are unable to withdraw funds even through Patreon.

Those who were nourished by Google AdSense’s contextual advertising were likewise severely harmed. On Russian websites, it is no longer visible. Webmasters on the Search engines. guru forum responds to the situation as follows:

“In terms of profitability, there is no comparable option to AdSense.” Previously, I tried to diversify by putting other affiliate programmes on several of my sites, but I couldn’t find anything equivalent in terms of income, including and in the bourgeoisie. Unless there are some murky areas, but this is always a risk I am not willing to take. Oh, they expelled us from civilization… “

As a result, the company no longer has access to Google services for advertising and banner placement.

In theory, the domestic advertising market is where chaotic, unpredictable developments occur. Only 12 worldwide firms who have recently reduced their activities in Russia spent 100 billion rubles a year on local promotion, according to AdIndex. This cash has vanished. In total, more than 330 enterprises have announced their exit from the local market as of March 11, 2022.

On the one hand, the migration of large-budget foreign marketers may assist local businesses cut the cost of online advertising in Russia. Small enterprises, individual entrepreneurs, and the self-employed, on the other hand, may see a substantial decline in revenue in the coming months as a result of the population’s poverty. They are unable to purchase advertisements due to a lack of funds.

The era of universal blogging on stand-alone sites

It’s conceivable she’s ringing the doorbell. Even if they are native, correct, and strong, no Russian entrepreneur will trust content platforms longer. Political circumstances have obliterated all assurance, and any service, even if provided inadvertently, may become unavailable at any time.

It’s time to think about opening your own resources – blogs, corporate media – for those that get the majority of their clientele through social networks and video platforms. The site is now the beating heart of the Russian Internet industry, and content is its lifeblood.

Of course, the site should only be housed on Russian servers because foreign hosters can make the Russians a pen at any time. Paranoid entrepreneurs can also use their own servers to solve their problems. The most important thing now is to keep control of the material and to have a platform with nothing to block on the network.

Social media, video hosting, programmatic advertising, and recommender systems will all become secondary methods of garnering an audience in the near future. And then there’s clever SEO and content marketing.

Entire categories of known goods and services will vanish from the Russian market in the coming months. The consumer will scramble for alternatives and bargains, looking for any new means to replicate the life’s missing rewards as inexpensively as possible.

Write life hacks, give answers, and create infographics now to prepare for a significant shift in supply and demand.

Let’s work together to advertise your company.

Social networks, mailing lists, multimedia platforms, and bloggers are all available on Google and Yandex.

Self-fighting is no longer bad manners

Runet’s normal allure will go away; consumers will be unconcerned with slick interfaces or unique site designs. His focus will be on really simple things, such as where to find the best deal on a product or service.

Because beautiful Internet resources created by studios will be highly expensive, it makes sense for small businesses and the self-employed to focus on the DIY quality of sites. And, as we understand it, after the population, entrepreneurs will suffer as well.

Those who do not have stand-alone blogs should begin studying guidelines on how to create sites on WordPress and other free CMS platforms right now. These are the so-called no-code solutions, and they can be handled by a seasoned humanist who knows nothing about programming.

Of course, it’s more challenging when it comes to content.

Hiring authors is expensive, but sincerity will help you write well yourself.

Something has to be written on a blog. If you can figure out the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) on your own with the help of reference materials, figuring out what to talk about with your audience isn’t too difficult either (we use Yandex’s Wordstat), then content creation isn’t something that can be launched in one fell swoop.

Good content creators take years to develop and are not inexpensive, particularly for small firms. Professional authors have already noticed that their royalties in rubles have lost a significant amount of purchasing value, and will continue to do so in the near future. As a result, no one in their right mind would consider lowering prices. Small firms and the self-employed, on the other hand, can get past this challenge by following the “Do it yourself” philosophy and being sincere.

In the near future, the consumer, desperate to retain his declining level of life, will be willing to forgive business blogs and tongue-tied, as well as typos, lengths, and “incorrect” text formatting, and whatever else. If only entrepreneurs could solve his problem for a reasonable price while also being courteous, friendly, and willing to assist him.

Reasonable sincerity, partial exposure of company operations, detailed informal anecdotes about what service or product is, an open pricing policy, and its honest explanations drew people in the previous, more or less well-fed years, and will continue to draw people in times of crisis.

Businesses, particularly small businesses, should now descend from heaven to earth and build “horizontal links” with customers in the classic “you to me, I to you” manner.

Mutual aid partnerships are conceivable in many domains, not just speculative, but also in the so-called real economy between entrepreneurs and their target audience. What is now referred to as a “win-win” situation? Such relationships should be established via blog content that is reproduced or announced on social media.

So social network channels still do not quit?

Obviously not. It’s simply worth focusing on material created on your own website. As previously stated, third-party platforms have lost their predictability and reliability. Nobody knows what will be banned tomorrow, or what will be unexpectedly released from shame.

Maintaining some participation on those social networks that are still active and allow you to conduct targeted advertising makes sense. However, the majority of it should address the issue of attracting visitors to the standalone site…

Of course, not everything that has been said thus far has been depicted in a clear and straightforward manner. Unfortunately, you and I have entered a period of enormous uncertainty. Literally, anything can happen in Russia tomorrow.

The idea “what you don’t control, doesn’t belong to you” applies to all times. The company’s own website, complete with a large blog that responds to search engine inquiries and is optimized for smartphone browsing, serves as the company’s “capital” and main showcase. And it will be the most dependable in the coming years.

Unless, of course, you play it strangely, catching the attention of Roskomnadzor’s promiscuous cyborgs.

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