Mobile SEO is becoming primary for ranking in Google search engine

With the year 2020 behind us, many are wondering what SEO trends await us in 2021, that is, what factors and changes Google will take as relevant when positioning websites in search results.

Change from desktop-first to mobile-first

First of all, we can say that mobile versions of websites (for smartphones and tablets) in 2017 for the first time are likely to be more important than desktop websites. As early as November 2016, Google started indexing mobile versions of web pages, and this initial phase was the first step in changing Google’s focus from desktop content to mobile ( mobile-first index ). In practice, this means that in 2017, Google will primarily focus on mobile content when positioning websitesThe features of the mobile version of a web page (or mobile SEO) will determine the overall ranking of a web page in Google search results. Bad news for non-responsive websites!

If you have at least a responsive version of your web, this change shouldn’t hurt its position in Google searches to begin with. The worst will be those websites that only have a desktop version and are not optimized at all, ie adapted for mobile browsers. And there are still a significant number of them, even in the business branch.

Many have objected to these announced changes because there are a number of older websites that have great content and that don’t really need mobile versions at all. This primarily applies to specialized websites that contain various technical documentation and plans, expert algorithms and data structures, etc. However, Google knows what it is doing: the number of mobile users (and Google searches on mobile devices) still in 2015 exceeded the number of searches on desktop computers.

Mobile searches will soon be the only searches

Already, mobile searches bring more users or visitors for a total of 20 of the 24 market and industrial niches. These 4 exceptions where desktop searches are still more important than mobile are computers and electronics, internet and telecom, science, travel. For example, TripAdvisor still gets 71% of its visitors through desktop searches.

However, regardless of some exceptions, it should be said quite openly: the real intention of Google is that in the near future mobile search will soon become the only search, ie the position of a website in search results will depend solely on the SEO value of its mobile version. ).

What will SEO be like for you in 2017


Want to know what the SEO value of your website will be in 2017? It is very easy to check. Open your website on your mobile. Does it take her a long time to load up? Does the text look like something that could only be read under a microscope? Are individual images or even entire subpages missing? If the answer is yes, then your website will sink into Google search results in 2017 because mobile SEO will be nothing to it unless you refresh it with a new look and content tailored for mobile browsers. It seems that web designers will benefit the most from mobile SEO, and a whole new category of mobile-first websites will probably appear that may not even be adapted for desktop computers.


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