Mobile friendly website the complete construction guide for 2021

In recent years, Google has shifted its focus to searching through mobile devices, as much of the internet search is now done by mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

That is why as it is known until today, 70% of the total internet is in the process of mobile-first indexing.

This practically means that Google includes in its files the mobile version of your website and not the web.

What does this mean?

This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly, its ranking in Google results will be very low.

Based on the above, the question arises, how do you make your site mobile-friendly for both Google and your visitors?

Let’s see together how.

First of all, what is mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it is in excellent condition for both Google and your visitors who use smartphones, tablets, etc.

This means that through mobile SEO a website should provide an excellent user experience to all its users, with a website that will have the right size, the right speed, and excellent functionality on all mobile devices.

Why is mobile SEO necessary?

  • Because a lot of internet searches are done through mobile devices and not through computers.
  • Because if your site is not mobile-friendly then mobile visitors will leave you and thus you will lose traffic and potential customers.
  • Because Google focuses on the mobile version of your site.



Google only considers how high quality and fast the mobile version is for ranking your website. The better your website responds to mobiles and tablets the better ranking you will have.

What methods can you use to make your website mobile-friendly?

1) Responsive design:

Responsive design means that your device responds in the same way to all devices, ie your HTML is the same while only the CSS changes. Note that HTML shows the structure of your website and CSS shows the appearance of your website.

Advantages of responsive design:

  • Economical
  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to maintain

Disadvantages of responsive design:

  • The time-consuming process of converting a simple website into a responsive design
  • The longer loading time of the website

2) Dynamic serving:

In this case, 2 versions of your website are created, a web and a mobile, and the user is shown the corresponding version depending on the device from which he searches.

Below we show you how this method works:



3) Creating a separate website exclusively for mobile devices:

In this case, a website is created which is addressed exclusively to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.


This means that someone who enters the domain name of your website, from a smartphone, eg will be redirected to your mobile website whose domain will be in the form



However, this method must be emphasized that it has many disadvantages such as high costs but mainly problems in SEO due to the duplicate content of your site.

Having seen the importance of mobile SEO for your website and how important it is for your website to work flawlessly on mobile devices, let’s see how you can check the current state of your website.


There are many tools that can help you with this most importantly the Google search console, in the Mobile Usability tab category.


There you will find information about how Google views the mobile version of your site, what problems you are experiencing, and suggestions for resolving any issues you may have.

How to check the speed and general condition of your site?

There are many tools that can help you to see, check the general condition of your website by doing a complete technical audit of your site and informing you about all the technical issues that your site faces but also about the general performance that includes the loading speed.

Having seen some critical technical elements and the importance of the mobile-friendly website in the final ranking of your site in the Google results, let’s see how you can make your website more mobile-friendly.

Optimize your website load time:


It is true that all studies show that internet users only wait 3-5 sec for a site to load. This practically means that websites with high loading times lose a lot of their traffic.



What you can do if you belong to this category:

  • Make sure your server has a short load time.
  • If you want to add video or animation to your website using HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash.
  • Avoid using a large number of plugins
  • Use photos with a smaller file size
  • Delete unnecessary snippets from your webpage code.
  • Make sure your site has the same content on both the web and mobile versions.

As we saw above the performance of the mobile version of your site is very important in the final ranking in Google results. So to make sure that everything is OK, your website should show the same content, texts, and images both on the web and in the mobile version.

In conclusion, we see that a website in order to have the desired results should be friendly to mobile devices both in terms of technology and in terms of user experience.

Because in the final ranking in the Google results, it is not only the construction of your website that matters but much more how satisfied the users are with their navigation experience.

How can you improve your navigation experience?

Here are some very simple steps:

  • Make sure the menu of your site is simple and the user can easily find what he is looking for.
  • Make sure the overall design of your site does not contain a lot of graphics and animations as this has been proven to create a very negative image to your visitors.
  • Make sure the images and text on your site are displayed in the correct size and resolution.
  • Limit the use of pop-up items that have a negative impact on your visitors’ navigation experience.


As we see, the construction of your website is a very important case, and to do it right you need the help of experienced experts, with excellent know-how and a team of SEO experts that will cover your every need for promotion and promotion.


Contact us now and let’s design your new mobile-friendly website together.


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