Is Link Building Necessary in 2021?

Link building is a separate SEO direction, the main goal of which is to get the highest quality external links to your resource. Thus, search engines do not perceive your site as suspicious, which leads to an increase in natural traffic and audience engagement.

There are several basic link building methods:

  • Crowd marketing;
  • Press releases;
  • Outreach;
  • Multilevel links.

We talked in detail about the concept of link building in the previous articleAnd today we will analyze whether link building is so relevant in 2021?

What are the differences between modern link building

Previously, in order to promote a site to the top of search engines, you did not have to make much effort and everything was solved by simply adding key queries (it was necessary to use them in the exact entry, preferably in headings of various levels or in the description).

Now, this is not enough and you will hardly be able to promote your site to the TOP-10 in a short time. Buying a lot of links won’t help.

At the moment, the relationship between website promotion and the total number of links is not so obvious, but it has not completely disappeared. It is not yet possible to give up links altogether. The popularity of the resource and its authority directly depend on them. It should be noted that the principles of functioning of search engines have undergone significant changes. In this regard, both links and the sites on which they are located must meet higher criteria.

In particular:

  • Sites must have a high trust (be trusted by search engines);
  • The topic of the site and its context must match the link, or at least be similar;
  • Too many anchor links are perceived by modern search engines as spam;
  • The naturalness of the link plays a role (as if it was created by a person, and not by a system);
  • It is better if the link profile is as diverse as possible (there should be links from articles, various forums, and discussions on sites, social networks);
  • A significant number of different donors are needed.

What to expect in the future?

Link building is still an effective way to promote websites. If you correctly use and combine its various types, then you can achieve significant results. Leading SEO experts recommend focusing on the following:

  • First of all, the effectiveness of the link will depend on the difficulty of obtaining it;
  • Links posted on trust sites (trusted resources with authority) will be more in demand;
  • Only post backlinks on quality PBNs;
  • The use of secondary placements (edge-marketing, multi-level links, non-anchor placement) will remain relevant;
  • Naturalness and safety of links (these requirements will remain the most basic for a long time).

To make your work easier and more efficient, we recommend using the following services:

  • Ahrefs (a tool for checking the link profile of your resource, clearly demonstrates the dynamics and positions of the site);
  • Check Trust (allows you to determine the total number of link donors, determines their trust, and weeds out unreliable ones);
  • PR-CY (analyzes traffic, trust, and link mass, based on which a conclusion is made about the level and quality of the site);
  • Collaborator (an exchange that offers you trusted sites with live traffic).

By following common sense, you should be able to bypass the filters. We also advise you to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Give preference to non-anchor links;
  • Use all available types of links;
  • Links must be safe and natural;
  • Minimize the number of first-level links;
  • Do not rush to build up links, do it gradually.

Thus, the main driver of link-building effectiveness in 2021 will be customer focus. When assessing the quality of a site, modern search engines pay less and less attention to the mathematical indicators of the resource. To bring a site to the top, first of all, you need to please the end-user, not the search engine.

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