Insights for Reels and Instagram Live

Do you already know what the new Instagram Insights are? The platform recently made updates to its measurement tools that can help you analyze in more detail what is the performance, reach, and value of the content you publish for your followers. 

We could say that Instagram has had to adapt on the fly since the acceptance and use of the Reels and Instagram Live formats have been very high. Now, it is necessary for brands to be able to obtain metrics from both formats and that is when the new Insights update appears. 


What are insights for reels? 


It is a content performance measurement tool that Instagram has updated within its features specifically for Reels and Live. Unlike the previous metrics, these promise to have more detail about followers’ interactions with content formats. 

Data for Reels 

Some of the data that can be analyzed are: 

  • Number of reproductions
  • I like it 
  • Accounts reached
  • Shared actions
  • Saved Videos
  • Comments

Data for Instagram Live

In this case: 

  • Accounts reached 
  • Comments 
  • The peak of simultaneous visits
  • Shared actions 

Instagram offers to review the details of this data, but also to review them in the general statistics of the account, so it will be possible to know not only the impact of the content on the followers; but how it influences the other content you publish. 

With the new update from the general statistics, it will be possible to have a visual of the percentage of content distribution, called “Content-type”. This will tell you the formats with the greatest reach in your group of followers as well as those that are not. This will tell you what type of format is most effective and what is hitting the audience the best. 

Why use insights for reels on Instagram? 

It is from this functionality that brands can count on relevant metrics of the content they create in the Reels and Live formats. From this new information, it is much easier to know how to optimize, enhance or correct what is published in order to obtain the results aligned with a social media strategy. 

  • You will have greater knowledge of the impact and scope of the publications and then exercise greater control over the parameters of their development. 
  • Knowing what type of content your audience likes more or less will show you areas of opportunity and improvement. 
  • Data is important to know when a content line or topic is tiring the community and needs to be renewed. 
  • With the metrics you will obtain data on the interests and characteristics of your audience, so you can define one or more profiles of your followers. 
  • Analyzing the data is essential to know the results of your efforts and project the fulfillment or not of objectives and goals. 
  • The insights will shed light on the type of content that can generate the highest ROI with momentum. 
  • Know the design elements or creative resources that are most effective, for example, effects, filters, or music tracks. 
  • Know when your audience is most active to see Reels or Live and thus schedule their publication at the right time. 

How and where can you check the metrics for Reels and Instagram Live? 

Remember first that all metrics are only available for business accounts. All analytical data can be found by accessing from the main account profile. You’ll find the Insights button just below the bio. 

In the overview, you have the option to review the scope and other data related to the performance of the publications. The option “See all Insights” will be the data of both the Lives and the Reels. The way the data is broken down is to make it easier to understand. 

However, you can also review the more specific data of each content from the general screen, there is an arrow in the numbers of the Reels and Lives, when you press the data of each of the formats will be seen.

Instagram announcements regarding this new feature

It has been announced that during this 2021 different updates of this tool will be made to adjust it to the analysis needs of the brands, so it is likely that new data will be added in the coming months. 

One of the changes that have been promised is to extend the time intervals, at the moment there are only analyses of the last 7 and 30 days, to offer more periods of data review. Likewise, it is expected that these metrics can be appreciated in the Instagram format for computers. 

Insights and content A / B testing 

With Instagram Insights it is possible to start testing the content and thus evaluate the type of techniques, information, and resources that will give your publications the greatest reach. A / B tests take time, but they are the best way to determine what generates the best performance and thus enhances your social media strategy. 

Some of the tests of this type that you can analyze with the Insights data are: 


  • Test the performance of new styles – Implement different effects, filters, colors, locations, and trends. 
  • Apply videos of varying lengths: Reel times range from 15 seconds to 1 minute, for some accounts. 
  • Evaluate different audios: try different options such as original audio, voice-off, audio track, and text-to-speech generator. 
  • Make different tests with the publication hours: test with different hours until you find the peaks of greatest activity or connection of your audience so as not to waste any content. 

If you use the new insights data for reels on Instagram, you can advance your strategy with firm steps and not with assumptions, in the same way, understanding this information will allow you to more effectively segment your audience when planning a promotion schedule. pay. With this tool, you will have a better understanding of the performance of your account and you will be able to invest time, resources, and money in the content that generates the greatest benefits in the field of recognition, reach, and conversion. 

Of course, this type of data should be complemented with other analyzes of the interpretive type to evaluate the level of quality of comments and mentions, making sure to maintain a positive image in front of your community.


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