I learned 6 lessons to monetize my blog

About three years ago, I tried to cash in ThierryBertrand.com moneyMy goal was to earn at least 2000 Euros a month to start with and then go for € 10,000 a month. But as you can probably guess, things didn’t go the way we planned.

I encountered numerous difficulties and suffered many failures. Fortunately, I learned from my many omissions. Over time, I realized the most important thing is not to know how much money you want to make by monetizing your blog, what is important is to know:

  • how to win it
  • which tools to use
  • what skill to develop
  • which form of monetization to choose

Since you also want to make money from your blog, here are a few lessons that are sure to inspire you.

Lesson # 1: Recurring revenue is the best form of monetization
For many reasons, most bloggers who want to monetize their blogs ignore this source of revenue. What matters is that you make a lot of money in one go. But the big problem with this approach is that revenue doesn’t recur at all.

Creating a monthly subscription program is the only change that guarantees you a monthly income. This is the best form of monetization, one that will provide you with a monthly salary like any good clerk. Don’t even dream because some subscribers will unsubscribe every month. But don’t worry about it, because they will be replaced by many other people every month.

If your training is of excellent quality, you can expect your subscription list to grow every month. Which means your income will also increase every month.

But before reaching this stage, I first had to: 

  • identify the needs of my target audience
  • offer useful content on my blog
  • create a workout that spreads over several weeks
  • make videos
  • Create a list of potential customers
  • Create an affiliate program and contact the affiliates
  • create a member area 
  • And more …

Don’t think it will be easy. Just believe it is possible. The most important thing is to have a good product, good tools, and an effective marketing strategy.

Lesson # 2: Give value to every email address you acquire
At first, I didn’t understand the value of an email address. For me, it was just a contact who had to send new promotions at all times. Eventually, I found myself with many checkouts and a list of over 2000 perspectives that barely read my messages anymore.

The monetization of a blog starts with its optimization, and this optimization wants to improve the conversion rate, which in turn is not limited to simply capturing an email address. The process is much more and what I did not understand then.

Lesson # 3: Price Doesn’t Affect Sales
If you create a monthly membership program, you’ll soon realize that price doesn’t really affect purchasing decisions. Some will not like your training and will ask for a refund.

However, those who will like it will be willing to pay the right price to keep following it. Among many other important elements, know that the most important value is your product. In order for your potential customers to subscribe, you need to present them with the benefits on your sales page, in order to stay subscribed, you need to offer them information that allows them to move quickly and efficiently in their project.


So don’t be afraid to raise prices if you find that what you give to your members as information is very valuable. Just remember to warn them in advance.

Lesson # 4: Don’t Be Afraid to Change Things
Most articles published on many blogs are more the result of the experiences of other bloggers than those who publish them. In other words, most bloggers write articles about what they read and understand somewhere on the internet, not about what they themselves have experienced.

Always keep in mind that only leaders make a lot of money onlineAnd if you look closely, you’ll notice that every leader in your niche owes its popularity to the value it has brought. They are all (Almost) at the beginning of change, innovation, or change of mentality.

But to change things and become a leader, you must first understand the needs of your niche, do a lot of experimentation, and achieve your results. Before you hope to change things, you must first understand what needs to change and why it is needed.

Lesson # 5: Promote your membership space
When it comes to promotion, I’ve always been shy. I rarely restarted the prospects when I should. Why create blogging training if I can’t promote them from time to time?

Aside from not creating a monthly subscription program, I believe this is my second biggest mistake.

Lesson # 6: Actions Have More Word Values
When you research the interest of your potential future product or service, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of people who will tell you it’s a good idea and look forward to releasing it next year. order.

However, once they go live, they will order very few of them. When it comes to monetization, you have to rely only on deeds. Don’t really pay attention to the promises of your prospects.


As you can see, monetizing a blog is not always that easy. It is not enough just to have a product for sale. You will make many mistakes and you will fail. However, if you learn from other people’s downfalls, you’re sure to do less.


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