How to write and create a free book on the Internet

 Offering a free report (free ebook) on your blog can help you increase traffic, your list of subscribers, potential customers, and even customers. Many bloggers know this very well, and they are still wondering “How to write a free e-book” and think it is very complicated to do.

If this is the case, then this is the solution: Use articles on your blog!

So, here are a few steps that should allow you to write your article today.

1. Start by downloading the softwarethis is what I use to create my e-books (digital books). With just one click, you transform your text into a PDF document.

2. Copy and paste – Copy all (or almost) articles of a particular topic to your blog and paste them in an order that will make sense to your reader.

3. Remove the redundancies that appear in the articles.   Yes, some of our articles on a particular topic often contain examples and similar sentences … eliminate them!

4. Create logical content – Find ways to link the first article to the second, the second to the third, and so on.

5. Broadcast your ebook –  From left to right, bottom to top, leave a few blank spaces on each page.

6. Choose the right font to write – your font should be between 11 and 12 points. Many people use Ariel or Verdana for their e-books because they are more presentable than Time New Roman.

7. Illustrate your document – Use beautiful images to illustrate your e-book. Avoid using clips from your computer if you don’t want to sound like the ultimate hobbyist. There are several cheap pictures that you can buy online. Otherwise, you can still use Flickr .   Be careful not to make a photo album instead of a book. Personally, I never use more than two pictures in my ebooks.

8. Take care of the presentation –   For titles and subtitles use a much larger font than for plain text. Do not underline headlines to avoid confusion. The underlined title very often gives the impression of being a link. Use bold, bold, or italics to differentiate. You can also use special fonts like Tahom for titles.

9. Create a nice-looking cover page – Your cover should be like a physical book. Well after that, I’m not asking you to complicate things either.

10. Create a spreadsheet to place right after the title of your book – Ideal for a free report would be a maximum of 30 pages and 70 (maximum) for the e-book you plan to sell.

11. Add your blog link at the bottom of each page – Whether paid or free, it must help you promote your blog.

12. Promote several products – You can always offer resources to your readers. Resources that are nothing but your own products or those you offer in a relationship.

13. Convert your ebook to PDFThis is the most common format. Make sure all links are clickable. With everything is done automatically.

Let’s talk briefly about selling your ebook now

14. How to sell your ebook? Buy and install a plugin like WP eStore to sell your ebook online. Otherwise, I highly recommend going to to create a complete and ultra-professional store on your WordPress blog. They are fast and really cheaper.

15. Join – Also consider creating an affiliate program for your product and allowing other Internet users to promote your product in exchange for a commission. Again, go to specialists: www.blogpascher.comPlease contact their online support if you have any questions.



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