How to use telegram without a phone number


Many popular messengers require a phone number when signing up in order to use the service. The WhatsApp alternative ” Telegram ” asks you for your contact details. We clarify whether you can install the Messenger Telegram without a number and what you should pay attention to.

Even if almost everyone has a mobile phone number, there are quite a few users who do not want to enter this when registering for a messenger. Many users also use messenger to communicate with strangers on the Internet. Because of this, some shy away from immediately giving out “private” contact details. With “Telegram” you will also be asked to enter a contact number for verification.

Using Telegram without a number – is that possible?


In general, it can be said that you cannot use Telegram without a number. If you want to use the app for Android or iOS, you must provide a valid contact number during setup. The main reason for this is better protection against spam accounts and bots. On the Internet, however, you can find services such as “TextNow” that let you create an “artificial” cell phone number. This is because it does not necessarily have to match that of the device used. You can then enter this in the app in order to receive the verification SMS and thus be able to use Telegram without (your own) number.

However, this method is not recommended. The person who is in possession of the specified telephone number has most of the “power” over the account – theoretically, also the provider of the “fake number” used. You also don’t know how long this will last and whether the service will not be switched off at some point. You will then also lose your access to the number created. So you can’t avoid getting verified in the usual way like with WhatsApp. Fortunately, you don’t have to give your private contact details to strangers in order to chat with them.

Use Telegram without a number: Specify a user name to remain anonymous


If you want to write to strangers but do not want to give out your private data via Telegram, you can also create a user name and thus hide your number in Telegram from new acquaintances.

Why don’t you want to give a number when you log into a messenger? Which chat apps do you use the most? Write us in the comments! 




How to use telegram without a phone number

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