How to put music on WhatsApp status


WhatsApp offers a large number of functions. The most prominent and the main reason why millions of users around the world download this application is because of the instant messaging service, both in private chats and in groups. The states are another of its hallmarks, an aspect that has evolved in the app over the years.




Currently, any user can add music to their WhatsApp status. Besides writing text or putting images, songs can also be shared. Did you know about this function? To discover how to put music on WhatsApp status without having to download other applications or even with the help of another app, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

How to put music on WhatsApp status without Apps


WhatsApp statuses allow you to upload or share photos in a similar way to Instagram stories. The application itself gives you complete control through the configuration to determine which users can see your statuses and who cannot.

Therefore, WhatsApp Status gives the possibility to upload stories by writing text messages, adding photos, a GIF, or videos. It even allows you to add music. But how to put music on WhatsApp status with images on iPhone without downloading add-on apps? By following these steps you will achieve it:

  1. Turn on the mobile and, after opening the music player that you use most frequently, you must search for the song you want to add to the WhatsApp status.
  2. Select Play and increase the volume of the music so that it sounds loud through the mobile speakers.
  3. Search for the WhatsApp application. Access and open the tab corresponding to the states.
  4. Click on the green icon located on the camera to upload a new image or video status.
  5. Select the button enabled to record on the interface as if you were making a video to upload to the WhatsApp statuses.
  6. In this way, WhatsApp will begin to record the music that sounds around the mobile, in this case through the speakers. Optionally, you can cover the camera to not record images, that is, only the audio of the song.
  7. Check the final result of the recording when you finish recording the music.
  8. When the recording convinces you, you must click at the bottom of the green arrow and send it to the status update.

This method of putting music on WhatsApp status is fast, although it does not offer many options. In addition, it is important to ensure the quality of the song, as it can suffer during recording if there is too much outside noise.

How to put music on WhatsApp status with an App


Although it is possible without installing any other application, there is a trick to put music on WhatsApp status. Consider downloading an app to make the process easier. Follow these steps to carry out this method:

  1. Download and install the VideoShow application or a similar one from the Google Play Store.
  2. Access the app and click on Edit video.
  3. Search your mobile gallery and choose an image to set a status background.
  4. Select Next after choosing the image. You can edit it in the editor menu if you consider it necessary.
  5. Select the duration of the state. The maximum amount allowed is 30 seconds.
  6. Head to the editor screen tap the Music tab at the bottom.
  7. Then select the option to Play to add music.
  8. Search the audio files and select the song you like the most.
  9. After finding the song, you will see its duration. Click on Add Music.
  10. Select the checkmark icon that appeared in the upper right.
  11. Click Save to gallery. In this way, the music clip will be edited and prepared so that you can share it on your WhatsApp status.

How to put a YouTube song in WhatsApp status

WhatsApp statuses also allow you to put a song from YouTube. To do it correctly, you must follow these steps:


  1. Find the YouTube video you want to share in WhatsApp status. In this case, its duration is not important.
  2. Pause the video and click on the three points that you will see in the lower right corner. In the drop-down menu, select Share to see the platforms on which it can be broadcast. Click on the WhatsApp icon.
  3. When you select the WhatsApp icon, the app opens and shows the options for sharing the video. Select the My Status tab and press the Next button.
  4. The video is already uploaded with the playback link in the state. The application allows you to make adjustments to the status, customize it to add messages, change the font, include emoticons, and place different colored backgrounds.
  5. Once you have the ready status, press the Share button. Thus, you will have already published the status showing the video of the song from YouTube.


With this method, you will know how to put music on WhatsApp status with images on Android starting from a song from YouTube.

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