How to get a checkmark on youtube and what a note means: all the nuances of verification

You can confirm the status of the real owner of the channel after verification. Experts from the Mediacube partner network spoke about the necessary steps and nuances of this process on YouTube.  


We get a checkmark

Only channels from 100 thousand subscribers can apply for verification. But sometimes YouTube makes an exception for well-known creators outside of the platform. For example, they can be stars of television, movies, sports, or politicians. Such applications are submitted through a separate request and are considered on an individual basis. The author can prove his fame by links to his social networks, official sites, publications in the media, etc.

The authenticity of the channel is verified by YouTube technical support. Platform representatives look at the date the channel was created and may even request additional documents in case of doubt. 

To get a tick, the author must log in to the account and fill out the form in the creative studio. Among the required data are the region and the phone number to which the account confirmation will be sent.

The application is usually considered within a month. But if the creator is connected to an affiliate network whose requests are considered by YouTube in the first place, then you can turn to it. Our practice shows that with an affiliate network a “tick” can be obtained within a few days.

Before submitting an application, you should add a banner, description and profile photo to the channel. It is they who give the viewer information about who owns the channel and help to get to know the author better. And this reduces the doubts of the technical support representatives about the ownership of the channel to a certain person.

Videos posted on the channel should be publicly available, and should be published regularly if possible – this can also affect the result of the check. 

We get a note

YouTube has developed a separate label for authenticity for musicians. If the author registers the channel as an official music artist, he will receive a note next to the name instead of a “tick”.

The number of subscribers in this case does not matter at all. To get a note, the channel must be managed by the author, his manager, or the record company. The artist must have at least three official releases, and all content on the channel must belong to this particular musician or group.

On such a channel, a musician can systematize his work: collect compositions into albums, and clips into playlists. The owner himself chooses what content to promote in the section with interesting videos. He also has access to detailed statistics. 

Members of the YouTube Partner Program or performers who have partnered with an Affiliate Manager can apply for music verification

Verified channels receive more attention from the audience, but such channels are followed closely by YouTube. Therefore, users who have decided to officially confirm their authorship should double-check their videos for compliance with all platform rules.

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