How To Duplicate Visitors To Your Blog In Less Than 100 Days

Welcome to 2021 guys! One year, hopefully, will bring you even more tips and hints to help you turn a blog into anything you want!

This year, too, we will do our best to offer you the content you need to create, build and develop a blog that is optimized for Google search and that will be profitable over time.

Today, I’d like to share a few quick tips to help you double your traffic this year with content marketing.

Why use content to drive traffic to your site? Well, simply because it is the best source of free traffic. Forget forums, forget social media, forget about article directories and all those outdated and ineffective strategies, and focus on writing relevant and useful articles.

Do you know why? Well, that’s because …

Content is king

Yes, yes, we’ve heard it a million times. Come with useful, interesting, engaging content and readersWrite good articles and you can attract maximum visitors. But for this strategy to be effective, for your content to really be king, you need to:

  • Post regularly
  • Publish all your articles at once
  • write articles of at least 1000 words
  • Post at least one article a day
  • connect your articles with each other
  • Write several articles of the same keyword
  • Make sure at least 90% of your content is related to the main theme of your blog

Bonus tip

They exist outside your niche

Write occasionally about topics that are complementary to the main theme of your blog and you will be able to attract many more visitors than you can imagine.

For example, on this blog, I wrote and published an article on how to discover his passionBut what does that have to do with blogging, internet marketing, or monetization? Can you ask me … Well, a relationship without passion is not possible? Everyone needs passion if they want to achieve their goals on time.

And this article only returns Backlink Dukan to at least 150 visitors a day. These visitors come from all niches, internet marketing, affiliation, personal development, blogging, etc.

Once on the site, I can discover our other articles or our products and services … and order them.

Ah! I’ve been talking about doubling the number of visitors to your blog in less than 100 days, right? Rest assured, I intend to do so tomorrow by presenting you with a step-by-step plan that will reveal everything to you.

In the meantime, feel free to ask your questions, and I will answer them in the next article. What do you want to know about generating traffic?

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