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How to develop a personal brand on Instagram

How to develop a personal brand on Instagram

What social media sites do you use? Do you understand how they can influence your personal brand and professional growth?

No, most likely. Take, for example, Instagram. The majority of users utilize this platform solely to share great vacation images. Meanwhile, a popular website for exchanging graphic resources can be turned into a powerful instrument for developing a personal brand.

Let’s turn to two business trainers from the Muse news agency, Jena Viviano and Emily Liu, the writers of mega-popular Instagram accounts, to better appreciate the importance of personal branding on Instagram.

“I strongly advise you to register an Instagram account if you have never done so.” This is especially important for persons who work in the creative industry. “These days, an Instagram page can double as a personal portfolio,” Viviano explains.

You’re more likely to land a job as a marketer, social media manager, or IT specialist if you have an advanced Instagram account. “Hiring managers like candidates whose words are consistent with their actions. “The employer must verify that you have your own social media promotion plan in order to trust you to establish company accounts and enhance audience interaction,” Liu adds.

So, how can you build an Instagram presence that will allow you to present yourself in the best light possible?

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Step 1: Determine the goal of your online marketing campaign.

A precise target setting is required for a personal branding approach. What do you want to achieve? Do you want to discuss your work? Do you want to share your knowledge? Make a group of people who share your interests? The easier it is to properly create your Instagram profile, the more clearly you formulate the message.

“Which accounts impress you?” Emily Liu suggests contacting influencers, corporations, executives, and brands you admire for inspiration. What do their writings or designs entice you to do? Opinion leaders’ social media activities can be a significant source of motivation. You will build your own equally impressive Instagram profile over time by emulating worthy models.”

“Pick up three brief definitions that capture the essence of your personal brand,” Liu suggests. Use them as a starting point for selecting graphic and textual content. My personal brand is defined by three words: entertaining, optimistic, and career expert. I check if the image and caption can be described by one of these definitions before uploading each post, if not all three!”

What distinguishes Instagram from other social media sites? The visual presentation of content is a key aspect of this social network. Instagram users devise techniques for conveying professional experiences via photographs, videos, and succinct writing.

Instagram allows you to express yourself more freely than many other social media platforms. “Unlike LinkedIn, Instagram allows account users to offer themselves to visitors on a personal level, to display originality, and to share hobbies, interests, ideas, and joys,” Liu argues.

Step 2: Set up a profile

You must first set up your Instagram account for success before uploading anything.

Make a detailed profile description. Don’t forget to add the following to your list:

  1. Name in full (if it is difficult to identify you by the chosen nickname).
  2. Job title and location.
  3. Experience working with corporations (“Include the organizations where you worked in your bio,” Viviano suggests.) 
    “I have complete list of former jobs in the “Corporate Alumni” section”).
  4. Links to a personal website or other social media profiles.
  5. Additional information or hashtags that refer to your brand or abilities.

The employer may now quickly find the relevant profile by just googling your name.

Hiring managers typically use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates. Instagram, on the other hand, includes a keyword search feature. “If you want to be found by a potential employer, include relevant keywords in the description,” Liu suggests. Make your profile public, and your chances of landing an online interview with a recruiter will skyrocket.”

Step 3: Follow the content

“Rule number one,” Viviano explains, “is that if you don’t want certain content to end up in the eyes of a prospective employer or supervisor, don’t publish it.”

We’re referring to any content that has been added to the profile. If images that your friends have shared or tagged disturb you in any way, archive or conceal them.

If you utilize graphic design tools, your posts will become more interesting (for example, Canva). Remember to use a decent filter.

Make use of the Story feature. Discuss current events, share personal experiences, and describe real-time actions: “When I speak at an event as a career advisor, I usually ask someone to film a 15-second video of their address and make sure to include it in Highlights (“Actual”),” she says. “As a result, subscribers will be aware that I speak at public events and provide career development workshops,” Emily Liu explains.

Share other people’s posts that are relevant to your brand or that your followers might find interesting. Just remember to include links to information sources.

Step 4: Make connections

Follow other accounts. By sharing your profile with the right people, you can keep in touch with brands you admire and follow the evolution of online idols.

Emily Liu recommends keeping track of the financial statements of companies with which you have a professional or personal interest. This is the ideal approach to engage with emerging brands online and stay up to speed on their news. Genuine curiosity and a broad understanding of the organization, beyond the information provided in the corporate Instagram profile, will enable you to win the recruiter’s confidence in your ability to work.

Viviano urges, “Don’t be afraid to develop personal interactions.” A brand account is more than just a repository of information about the company’s culture. You can contact the administrator of any brand’s site if you have a good profile with a clear explanation of your job experience (write a personal message or tag the addressee in the post). A branding specialist or a recruiting manager could be the person in charge of the business profile. You will pick the path of least resistance to get recognized by making online contact with him. Remember that the job search process boils down to the question of “How to stand out from the competition,” and Instagram is a fantastic way to accomplish that aim.”

Last but not least, unfollow undesired personalities who tarnish your personal brand image, just as you would with unsuitable photos. “Becoming a follower of individuals with a shady track record will give you the same feeling,” Liu explains.

Step 5: Post content on a regular basis

Consistent work is required to promote a personal brand. It’s not enough to simply visit the site and like the articles.

“If you want to be a pro, post once a day or once a week,” Liu advises. “If you don’t have time to continue updating posts, use free programs like Plann to automate the planning process.”

To keep your personal profile active, you don’t need to be an IT expert. It is sufficient to demonstrate a basic understanding of Internet promotion and to avoid allowing any project to develop.

Think Instagram is just for holiday images, pets, and selfies? Think again. However, this platform provides numerous options for individuals to exhibit their work and lifestyle:

  • The seductive representations of graphic designers are presented.
  • New posts are shared with a link to a personal website by content authors.
  • The secrets to recruiting the right audience are revealed by digital marketers.
  • Sellers advise on how to make a product more appealing;
  • Applicants for important positions are putting their best foot forward and looking for possible employers.

Perhaps you should look at Instagram for more than simply the most recent dog meme?

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