How to Delete AdSense Account (Cancel)

When you delete your Google Account:

Similarly, you will permanently delete your web history and Google products associated with that account, such as your Orkut profile and iGoogle page.

With your Gmail account, you can no longer access this email address. You cannot reuse your Gmail username either.

Please follow these steps to delete your Google Account:

Log in to your Google Account.

The ‘My Products’ list can be edited by clicking the Edit link. You may not see the Edit link if your account was created by an organization or company. In this case, please contact the administrator of your domain.

To delete your account, click Close Account and delete all information and services associated with your account.

Verify that your account has been deleted. You need to check the two options: “Yes, I wish to delete my account” and “Yes, I agree that I am responsible for all charges associated with pending financial transactions.”. Please choose the second option if you have not used Google’s paid products such as AdWords and Google Checkout, or if there are no pending financial transactions associated with these products.)

Please click these links for product-specific information if you decide to delete your account and use any of the following products:


If you delete a Google Account linked to an AdSense account, your AdSense account will remain active, but you will no longer have access to it. Please cancel your AdSense account before continuing.

If you decide to become an active AdSense publisher again, submit a new application.

A Google Doc

The spreadsheets you have will no longer be accessible to those who edit or view your account. If you want, you can ask a collaborator to make a copy of the spreadsheet and share the new copy with other collaborators.

The document and presentation viewers and collaborators continue to use them; however, if you have any documents or presentations shared with you, you can request to reassign the owner before deleting your account.

By the website content they produce on their own and with regard to efforts they put forth to advertise on their own, Google offers an ad network that enables them to earn revenue from Google AdSense, account cancellation and deletion.

By logging into your Google AdSense account, click on the settings option on the left menu, then click on Account > Account information. Click on the cancel account button opposite the Account status section in the panel that opens.

AdSense will then send an e-mail to your e-mail address that you use to log into your account, so you can cancel and delete your account. Please confirm your deletion and cancellation by clicking the link in this email. Following these steps will result in the deletion and cancellation of your AdSense account.


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