How to create a YouTube channel and get the most out of your video blog

 If your main content is video, then YouTube can be a central hub for your audience.




YouTube Benefits


Many popular bloggers started their stellar careers with three simple steps:


  1. Registration on YouTube
  2. Channel decoration
  3. Download the first video

A YouTube channel can become a completely independent project, as, for example, at Wylsacom, which in a little less than four years has gathered a million subscribers without creating a full-fledged website: only a YouTube channel, and VKontakte pages , on Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, YouTube is a great continuation of a finished project. Here you can collect both your own and third-party video content and find a new audience – there are tons of opportunities for this, and they are all free.

The service has no restrictions, except for the video weight, which should not exceed 100 GB. YouTube is intuitive but functional at the same time.

The service offers tools for editing video and sound, a built-in library of free music and sound effects, as well as mechanisms for analytics and promotion.


YouTube is good for live streamingTo do this, you just need to go through verification via your mobile. You can start broadcasting in two clicks. You will have access to video and audio settings, tools for monetization, and communication with the audience right on the air.


To understand all the tools available and learn tips for effectively promoting your channel, YouTube opened the Creator AcademyIt contains answers to popular questions and comprehensive educational courses for authors.

For example, this one tells how you can make money on YouTube. And here you can learn how to expose lighting and angle while shooting a video.

There is also a separate Google page where you can chat live with other authors.

The YouTube Affiliate Program allows you to earn money from your content through ads, paid subscriptions, and annotations. More about it here.

There are many other ways to monetize and create paid content on YouTube. All the intricacies are in this sectionYouTube is great for mobile devices, which means your subscribers can see new videos almost anywhere.


Service statistics say that mobile devices account for more than half of all views, and the average session duration is about 40 minutes.


How to make a successful YouTube channel



When creating a YouTube channel, pay special attention to its design. Try to concisely describe what your channel is talking about; add a unique visual design and try to stick to your own style in all elements:

  • user pic
  • channel header
  • video covers

You can immediately see how successful your project is on YouTube: by the number of subscribers, channel views and individual videos, user comments, their likes or dislikes. Moreover, YouTube Analytics will tell all the details about your audience, where and when they come to your channel, how long and how often they watch your videos – and these are not all available metrics.

The service team has compiled a list of ten rules for an effective YouTube channel:

  1. Create content you want to share
  2. Chat with viewers
  3. Be interactive and invite to participate in the life of the channel
  4. Watch for uniformity
  5. Target your target audience
  6. Add new videos regularly
  7. Optimize your video through title, tags and description
  8. Make sure new viewers understand what you want to tell
  9. Collaborate with other authors
  10. Look for inspiration

This lesson will tell you more about each principle.

By the way, if you are a real professional in the video industry, then pay attention to Vimeo. The audience of this service is smaller than that of YouTube, but it is there that the community of professionals is concentrated and there is no advertising while watching the video. There are no pointless amateur videos there either – only high-quality HD content for connoisseurs of good-quality clips. The entrance to this “club” costs money: the basic account has restrictions, and then there are paid Vimeo Plus and Vimeo PRO.

However, YouTube is not inferior in quality to the picture itself and allows you to upload videos up to 4K, as well as videos in 360 ° format, like this.

For nonprofits, YouTube offers special ways to promote and engage with audiences. For example, you can embed a donation button in your video. You can find out if your company meets the criteria here.


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