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How to change date of birth in Facebook

On the social network Facebook, we do not laugh at birthdays. Best way to change date of birth in Facebook 
A priori you can only modify it yourself once by editing your user profile. There is no question of changing the date of birth every four mornings.
It worked fine without a problem for one profile I use, but not for one where Facebook kindly told me it doesn’t allow for a facelift.
On the other hand, minors may prefer to give themselves a few more years to register on the social network while the age limit is set at thirteen years.
This measure is supposed to protect children from the horrors they could face on Facebook, which is a real nest where many perverts find refuge.
Obviously, Facebook does not make the slightest check on the sincerity of the information given at the time of registration.
Anyone can sign up on Facebook including kids.


Change date of birth in Facebook in Simple Steps



The birthday can be changed from their Facebook profile page.
It is accessed by clicking on the Edit menu which is symbolized by three small horizontal dots displayed to the right of the photo of his avatar.
In this menu, choose Modify profile. At the very bottom of the window that was displayed, click on Edit your About information.
The About page is then displayed. Click on Overview. Personal information is presented to the right of the window, including the date of birth. Just hover the mouse cursor over the date to bring up the Edit your contact details and basic info setting.
The date of birth changes in the General Information section.
When you cannot make the change, you must make a request via a special form accessible on the Facebook site on the Request a change of date of the birth page, indicating another date of birth and a valid reason for making this change.
Of course, everyone can be wrong. An error when creating an account can be tolerated by Facebook, but people wanting to change their date of birth very regularly will certainly be at their expense.
change date of birth in facebook


NOTE: It would be interesting to know the reaction of Facebook to repeated changes in the dates of birth of its members.

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