how to block someone on telegram

So that you are not disturbed by someone in Telegram Messenger, you can block contacts on Telegram. We show how this works and whether you can tell that you have been blocked on Telegram.

If contact is blocked at Telegram, no more messages will be delivered. Secret chats are deleted at the same time.

How to block someone on telegram

Delete a contact is not enough to be left alone because you can write unknown or stored user messages. So you have to put unruly Telegram contacts on the blocklist as follows:

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Call up the overview of your chats.
  3. You can access the app settings using the three bars on the left.
  4. Switch to the privacy and security section.
  5. At the top, you will find the Blocked Users option.
  6. Here you will find the Block user button.
  7. Your list of Telegram contacts will open.
  8. Select the contact here that you would like to put on your “blacklist”.


You can use the same method to unlock blocked contacts so that you can write to this participant again in the future.

How do you know if you have been blocked on Telegram?

Contacts are not informed if they are blocked. So you don’t have to expect an unpleasant conversation right after the lock. But there are some signs that you can use to tell if you have been blocked:

  • “Last online” only says “ a long time ago ”. Note, however, that this message also appears if the contact has not been active on Telegram for over a month or has completely switched off the message.
  • Only a tick appears after the message has been sent.
  • You cannot add contacts who are blocking you to groups.
  • The profile picture is still visible. However, the blocked contact will see the last picture that was set up when the block was made. A new profile picture is no longer displayed.

You can’t bypass the block. In old versions, it was still possible to add blocked contacts to a groupThe developers have eliminated this detour. If you have been blocked by another user, all that helps is a new account or a new number to get in touch again.


We’ll tell you how to delete a Telegram accountWe also explain what you should know about Telegram backups.




So that you are not disturbed by someone in Telegram Messenger, you can block contacts on Telegram.

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