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Google My Business Image Sizes and Optimization

Google My Business Image Sizes and Optimization

The images you upload for your Google My Business profile should be of professional quality and conform to Google My Business image standards if you want your profile to be optimized more effectively. Images of high quality create a better first impression on users, are essential for SEO optimization, attract more online visitors, and contribute to the success of your website.

Here are the steps to add, remove, and optimize your images for Google My Business.

Google My Business photos come in three types:

1. Use profile photos to help customers recognize your business on Google. Most often, this will be your logo.

2. Google My Business cover photos allow you to customize the top of your business profile page with a unique image, just like your Facebook cover photo. By adding a cover photo, you automatically set your business listing’s preferred image. Your cover photo isn’t the first image that describes your business, but it is what tells Google how to display your business. That’s why the profile photo isn’t always the most prominent image.

3. Images that show the prominent features of your business, displayed by Google according to the keywords users are searching for: These are additional photos, posts, offers, and products.

How to add photos to Google Business

1. Your business must be approved before you can add photos. Log on to Google My Business to add your business.

2. Log in to your Google My Business account.

3. Click on the Photos tab in the left column.

4. Select the type of photo you want to upload.


In order to appear on Google, your photos should meet the following criteria:

  • My Google Business Profile Photo Size: 250 x 250 pixels (minimum 120 x 120 – maximum 5200 x 5300)
  • Google My Business Cover Photo Size: 1080 x 608 pixels (minimum 480 x 270 – maximum 2120 x 1192)
  • Shared Images: 497 x 373 pixels (minimum width 497pixels – maximum 2048 x 2048 pixels)
  • Image Format:  Jpg, Png.
  • Image Size:  Must be between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  • Minimum Resolution:   720 pixels long, 720 pixels wide.
  • Quality: The  photo should be clear and well lit. Too much photoshop manipulation or excessive filters should not be used. In other words, the image must represent reality.

How can I delete photos from Google My Business?

  • Visitors and admins of your business listing can add images to your Google My Business profile. Photos can be easily removed under the “Photos” tab in the left column. The only way to remove a visitor’s or customer’s photo is to flag it.
  • However, you can only flag photos that violate our terms.
  • Photos must be relevant to the workplace, as per the guidelines. Stock images are not permitted and may be removed.
  • You can ask Google Maps to remove any photos uploaded by customers that violate its photo policies. Contact us or Google My Business directly if you have any further questions.

In addition to optimizing your Google My Business listing, you help your website rank higher in local search results. In search engine results, local results appear higher than organic results.

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