Google integrates Gmail attachments into Drive

Google has taken a new step in integrating its services. It’s now time to connect your messaging service with your cloud storage service.

Within a week, all Gmail users will be able to upload attachments to Google Drive in one step.

According to Mountain View employees, the most convenient way to provide users with all their services is to make them as compatible as possible so they can be easily integrated. Google just did that with Gmail and Google Drive. Whenever we receive an email with an attachment, we can save it directly to Google Drive without needing to do anything else.

It’s also very easy. When we receive an email, we see a preview of the attachment at the end of the email. They are displayed in full screen mode when we click on them, so we can even search for text in documents without switching to other programs.

Google Drive saved

You can save a file to the cloud by clicking the Google Drive button that appears when you hover over its preview. Then we can save it to the desired folder in Google Drive.

The advantages are obvious. Files can now be saved to Google Drive, which can then be accessed from any device, including a phone, tablet, or computer.

Google should expect from this integration that people will get used to storing things in their cloud and will soon need more storage space, which they will have to pay for.

Let’s say that the integration occurs gradually so that it reaches all Google Drive users by the end of the week.


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