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Anyone involved in programming or web design is sure to find themselves in a dilemma where to get quality and free images for the web, whether it is their own project or whether it is creating a website for clients. Images on the internet have a somewhat strange way of reaching end-users and customers. Just as there are millions of free images available for private and commercial use, there are also a number of services such as iStock or Fotolia where images for the web (and other uses) sell for an average of $ 12 or about $ 80 per image. . Such services also offer price plans that is, monthly subscriptions from 30 to 100 or more euros/dollars with which you can get a better price per individual picture. And while for some more serious projects it is no problem to invest a few thousand in professional photography, there are also plenty of smaller projects and clients with a limited budget who want to save wherever they can. In this case, the option of buying images is not overly appealing. 

It should, of course, be said right away that images from professional paid services are generally much better quality than free ones, and usually offer a much larger selection for each individual category. This is understandable because paid service is always better and more meaningful than free. However, this does not mean that you cannot find free images for the web that will also be of decent quality, and which can be used to illustrate a service, product, blog, and the like.

To make your search easier, here are some relevant sources for free web images where you can download them for free and use them mostly without any restrictions. Namely, most of the sources we will list are under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, which actually means that you can do whatever you want with the downloaded images and you don’t even have to list the source or author of the image. Very handy, isn’t it? Although you don’t have to pay anything for pictures, you need to register for some of the services listed below – you can usually do it instantly and without hassle, via, for example, your Facebook profile.

Also, we warn you not to forget the fact that it is one thing to get images and insert them on a website or blog, and quite another to optimize them. That’s why we wrote an article on SEO image optimization for the web, so we warmly advise you to read it.

Free web images:


Pexels – a very large number of very high-quality images. Easy search, intuitive layout.

The Stocks – perhaps the largest collection of free images on the Internet. Free icons, fonts, videos are also offered… Admittedly a bit confusing layout and design.

Pixabay – another large collection of free images.

Gratisography – as the name suggests, everything is free


Splitshire – quality, interesting, clear.

Public Domain Pictures – the title says it all.

Unsplash – a very interesting collection of quality images.

Little Visuals – good pictures, but a bit clumsy design.

Pickupimage – solid high-resolution photos.

New Old Stock – for those who love old photos, this is a must!

Foodiesfeed – For those who make websites about food, this will be great. Pictures of food, food preparation, ready meals, etc.

Imcreator – a collection of interesting and free images.

Mazwai – free videos.

Subtle Patterns – Free Web Wallpapers.

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