Email marketing for your eshop: See how to use it

One of the most important sales tools for your shop, with a high conversion rate, is email marketingThis technique concerns the sending of newsletters, at regular intervals, to the email addresses of users, who have either visited the eshop or are fans of the official Social Media Channels or have made online purchases from the eshop.

Newsletters most often inform their recipients about new product arrivals or about product offers with big discounts. It is also recommended to include informative articles or advice to recipients on issues related to the eshop industry, in order to increase engagement with users. Newsletters are also used to inform users about special actions such as holding competitions, events or happenings.

How we can create our contact list (emails)








An important issue in email marketing for your eshop is the mechanism for obtaining email addresses from users. Many e-shops buy ready-made email lists from others without the users themselves being aware. This tactic carries several risks as in addition to causing negative emotions to users who receive a newsletter without their consent, it also carries legal risks as it is considered an act of breach of personal data, with whatever it entails.

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For this reason, emails should be obtained directly from users and based on a specific strategy. The most popular method is to hold contests, in which users must know their name and email in order to participate.


Also, many users, when visiting an eshop, state their email in a relevant field, in order to be regularly updated. Many emails are also obtained from the fans of the official Facebook channel. Finally, users who buy online or register in the eshop must declare their email, in order to certify their details.


The biggest advantage of email marketing is the achievement of personalized communication with users receiving newsletters, which helps increase conversions, ie online sales. This is due to the fact that the content of the Newsletter, which each user receives, suits their needs, thus contributing to the interaction with the eshop. The matching of users with the content of the Newsletter is achieved through the categorization of users into segments – lists based on various criteria. The most important of these is the segregation of users based on their demographics, ie gender, and age. At the same time, users are analyzed based on their buying behavior, ie the category and type of products supplied, the frequency of purchases, and the average amount of each purchase.

Every now and then we have to send an email newsletter

The frequency of sending the Newsletter is based on how often the eshop is updated in terms of product variety, new arrivals, price changes as well as possible special actions such as contests or promotional updates. It is usually recommended to send one newsletter per week and Monday is appropriate as the day as it has been found that consumers at the beginning of the week, are more willing to make purchases.

The basic condition for sending a Newsletter is cooperation with a special technology platform. In Greece, the most widespread is Moosend (, which is used by the largest shop & retailers as well as Mailchimp ( Then specific email templates are designed and implemented, in order for the Newsletters to be easily and immediately updated, both in terms of visuals (banners and photos) and in terms of their content (articles, descriptions, tips).


Prior to the complete submission of each Newsletter, a trial submission of two or three variants to a limited number of recipients is performed. This is called A / B Testing and is done to optimize the performance of each Newsletter. After the submission of the Newsletter has been completed, the recording of the results takes place and includes the study and analysis of statistical data, such as e.g. Newsletter opening percentage by the recipients, percentage clicks on each banner or photo as well as the conversion rate, ie the sales that came from this action. The recording of these statistics is done to continuously improve the performance of email marketingNewsletter shipping costs are mainly based on the size of the recipient list.

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