Email marketing: 4 golden rules for increased sales

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business.

Indicatively, it is worth mentioning that by the end of 2023, over 237 billion emails will be sent on a daily basis !! Amazing like that !!!

Below we present 4 effective email marketing tactics to promote your business in the best way and increase your sales.


Send personalized emails:

By personalized emails or otherwise personalized emails, we mean the following:

A typical, cold email starts with “Dear Sir” or “Dear Customer”.

But a personalized email starts with “Dear Costa” or “Dear Mrs. Papadopoulou”, where this type of email has proven to have a surprisingly higher conversion rate!


Why is this happening;


A cold start email negatively predisposes the reader, especially when it comes to promotional email.


A personalized email on the other hand shows us that it has been sent by a person and that the content will be something we are interested in.


And to speak in numbers:

-Personalized emails show a 600% higher conversion rate than regular emails.

-Personalized emails have a 16% higher open rate than simple ones.

So as we understand a successful email marketing strategy must definitely contain personalized emails.

Group your email lists:

If 100 different people came to your business would you approach them all in exactly the same way or would you try to best meet the specific needs of each of your customers? Clearly the second.

This is exactly what you need to do with your email lists, group them based on specific features such as:




-Company case of multiple contacts from one company


-fylo if you run a business that sells and men’s and women’s items


and many other categories that will allow you to send the most effective emails.

For example, suppose you are organizing a promotion in your business and you want to notify 10,000 people from your email list. If you send the same email to 10,000 people, the result will be negligible because you may, for example, be in Athens and 6000 of your 10,000 contacts may be from another region of Greece, far away from you. Or you can be a business with women’s and men’s shoes, have a promotion for women’s boots, and send the informative email to 3000 contacts men who are probably not interested.

But if you have broken down your email list contacts by region, gender, etc. then you can create an email marketing strategy that will target the right audience and people who are close to your store.

To speak again with numbers, sending email to all contacts has an average open rate of 42% with an average CTR of 4.5%.

However, emails sent to categorized contacts have an open rate of 98% and a CTR of 35% !!

As you can see the results speak for themselves!

Mobile-friendly emails:

As we all know one of the most favorite habits of many is to check their emails on their cell phone very often.

But what do we observe here?

If they send us an email from a company that does not open properly on a mobile phone then most likely everyone is not going to buy from that company.

So make sure that your emails appear perfectly on mobile phones.

Check, check, check:

Before sending emails you should first make sure and check some very important details:

Email sender: The sender‘s email is one of the most important elements that affect the open rate of your email. So make sure you use the right email address before you start sending!

Clickable links: Make sure all the links you give in your email are active and lead the reader to the right page and landing page.

As we have seen, email marketing is one of the most dynamic methods of promoting your business.

All you have to do is trust Webone’s experienced email marketing experts to design a successful email marketing strategy that will increase your business sales and profitability.

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