E-mail Marketing Guide For Beginners – See Everything You Need To Know

E-mail Marketing Guide – A Valuable Web Promotion Tool With High Efficacy Rates.

E-mail marketing is a powerful weapon if used properly can help any business to promote goods and services to a targeted audience, to pique the interest of potential future customers, and of course to increase its revenues.

Not only do we say about its effectiveness, but also the statistics:

  • CTRs (click-through rates) are 47% higher in B2B email campaigns than in B2C campaigns.
  • 59% of B2B marketers claim that email is the most effective channel for increasing revenue.
  • Consumers who buy products via email spend 138% more money than those who do not receive an email with offers.
  • 73% of millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000) say that email is the preferred form of corporate communication.

So we can easily conclude that email marketing remains one of the most popular and profitable communication channels.

Although e-mail marketing involves a number of different actions, it requires good preparation and the design of a comprehensive promotional strategy and is part of a broader web promotion plan, even for a “beginner” who has no prior contact with web promotion practices. can deal with and achieve significant results.






What is e-mail marketing?

But let’s take things in stride. What is defined as email marketing? E-mail marketing is the sending of advertising messages to multiple – but targeted – recipients and aims to make a product or business knownpromote an offer and attract customers. Its main feature is that these are messages that arrive directly in the electronic mailbox of users and beyond that, whether they will be persuaded to open them, read them, and proceed to some action (such as buying or visiting a site) has to do with how well written our promotional messages are.

E-mail marketing guide for beginners

Create a list

First of all, to deal with e-mail marketing you will need some preparation. You can choose a free or paid platform that allows you to send bulk emails and allows you to design message forms so that your promotions are attractive. However, the basic thing you will need is one: recipients! Create a customer email base for your business and try to keep it updated as well as constantly enrich it with new users. A smart way to collect e-mails is to place a relevant subscription form on your newsletter, website, or e-shop of your business as well as to motivate users to subscribe. For example, many companies give a small 5% or 10% discount to those users who subscribe to the newsletter and express a desire to receive messages from a brand.

Set goals

As with any promotional activity, with e-mail marketing, you need a clear goalWhat is the purpose of the messages you are going to send? Do you want to increase sales? Promote a specific offer? Update on a new service or product? Make your brand known? Once you have set a clear goal, you can then design the first email-based on exactly this decision you have made. If, for example, the goal is to increase your sales, then you need to design a promotional email with products that are on offer and motivate users to make an immediate purchase (in the style of “the offer expires in 24 hours!” Catch ”or“ Limited tracks, get one today).

Plan carefully

E-mail marketing is especially effective if it is well designed and preceded by a good analysis of goals and the publicAvoid stereotypes and try to be creative and original, aiming to pique the interest of the recipients but also increase the chances of them reading the promotional messages you send them. There are many users who tend to ignore such messages and send them to the recycle bin. Therefore you need something attractive but also that will be of interest to the final recipient. A particularly crucial role is played in this “theme” that you will choose for each promotional message. Do not forget that it is the first thing that the user will see and will decide whether he is interested in the message or not. Avoid expressions that can be considered “misleading” or spam, and use your imagination to write an impressive topic that will be interesting to read and the rest of the e-mail.

Make corrections

It is not enough to just design a well-written and attractive e-mail, find a large list of recipients and send your message in the hope that it will reach your audience and you will achieve your goal. E-mail marketing like any other online promotion has measurable resultsExamine carefully every message you send and see which ones have the highest response rates, how many visitors you have earned, and the size of the conversions, such as the percentage of sales. Then, actions that did not perform as expected can be avoided in the future, while something that seems to work can strengthen it and give more weight to it.

Imitate the successful

If you are new to email marketing and do not have much experience with web promotion it is not a bad idea to set an example for others. On the contrary, it is imperative. Open corresponding promotional e-mails that you receive in your own electronic mailbox and examine practices that follow big brands but also the way in which they create a promotional message. You can then select things that you think can be applied to your business and include them in the promotional emails you send. It is not bad to follow the example of a successful strategy, as long as it is adapted to your own data.

E-mail marketing can become a source of significant revenue for any business and e-shop. A professional in the field of digital marketing can undertake the design and implementation of a comprehensive e-mail marketing strategy for your business and in combination with other online actions, to see your revenue skyrocket immediately. All you need to do is trust a specialist and jointly design the most effective online marketing strategy for your business.

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At SK Digital Services, we believe that e-mail marketing is essential for any business that wants to increase its revenue and have satisfied customers. If you are interested in learning more about email marketing and how it can help your website, contact us for personalized analysis!




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