10 Critical SEO Factors 2022

10 Critical SEO Factors 2022

1. Position Your Content Correctly

One of the most important considerations when you run an SEO-focused project is that your content is prepared in accordance with search engine optimization. In order to apply this, we need some criteria. For example, you need to accurately target the words your audience is searching for. In addition to using professional tools such as SEMRush, a program such as Keyword IO tool can be used for this purpose. Apart from that, you can find out what this content is by typing your search intent into Google. Another consideration is the monthly search volume for your word. If the monthly search volume of the word you have set as the target is low, your site visitor will also be low and will not increase. For this, again SEMRushYou can check the monthly search volume of the word with a professional SEO tool such as Finally, the difficulty power of the word becomes very important. Choosing a powerful keyword suitable for your site will also make it easier for you to rank high in a suitable position for a long time.

2. Make Paths for Spiders

It is very important that your website is crawlable and search engine friendly so that search engines can easily scan and make sense of your site. The speed of your site, the open indexes, and the correct use of your crawl budget are very necessary in this sense. In this way, technically, SEO spiders will be able to scan your site quickly and place you in the most suitable position. You can find out if your site is crawlable with tools such as SEMRush, Search Console and ScreamingFrog.

3. Pay Attention to the Strength of Links

The internal links you have given in your site are very important. In addition to the internal circulation links in the footer and header of your site, it is very important to use the sides in an efficient and mobile-friendly way. Apart from that, links coming from outside your site also show your authority power. The fact that you are mentioned by other sites increases your reputation in terms of Google and other search engines. In a way, this is like an academic study. The more meaningful, relevant and accurate references you get, the more your site’s reputation and domain strength will increase. Apart from that, you need to block harmful external links in order to get efficiency in Google search results. You can learn the toxic links that harm your site through a professional tool such as SEMRush.

4. Delight Your Visitors

It is very important that your visitors who come to your site through search engines are happy. In this sense, it will not be enough to apply all SEO tactics suitable for search intent. Because there are criteria that search engines have paid attention to, such as bounce rate, site visit time and conversion amount / rate, which they measure here. Therefore, make sure that the content you will have is meaningful, relevant and has content that will satisfy your potential target audience.

5. Emphasize Unique Content

If you want to be crowned in the leading showcase of organic search results, you must have organic content. You should pay attention to criteria such as the information provided by your content, sentences, fiction structure, length, number of paragraphs and subheadings, and you should stay away from copy content production. In addition, content added with translation tools is also counted as direct copy content. Apart from this, your site should not have pages with the same or very similar content. If found, this can cause more than one problem of the same content and can be penalized by search engines.

6. Emphasize Expertise, Competence, and Reliability

Providing data suitable for your content, references, keywords and user intent is not always a sustainable and sufficient solution. It is very important that you have content that is sufficiently satisfying and specialized for the aforementioned field, that you have a specific contact address and your information on the relevant subject in detail. This allows you to be identified by search engines as an authoritative and effective website.

7. Pay Attention to the Freshness of Your Content

Even if your content is always valid, it needs some innovations and needs to be updated. For example, many parameters such as the dates, the links you have specified, the awards received or the names of the products need to be updated over time, and this is very important. Apart from this, it is very important that the speed of your relevant pages, mobile viewing and contact forms (if any) are actively examined and necessary optimizations are provided if necessary.

8. Pay Attention to Click-through (CTR) Rate

Click-through rate , which is expressed as Click-through rate in English, is also very important organically for your sites. Although it is not certain, it is stated in the literature that how many people find it relevant and click on your site directly or indirectly affects the scoring system given to your site by Google and other search engines. In this sense, it is very important to present your target audience correctly with the right title and meta descriptions.

9. Pay Attention to Site Speed

The speed of your site is a factor that is highly valued by both user experience and search engines. If users want to get your data quickly, search engines also want the opportunity to scan more of your pages in a meaningful way. As of 2010, Google handled the speed issue but did not take any major steps. However, nowadays, it has become clear as a result of our results that the speed of the site, especially on the mobile side, has become an important criterion in terms of rankings. You can start measuring your site speed with Google Lighthouse .

10. Pay Attention to Mobile Compatibility

It is no longer a sufficient criterion for your website to be responsive only to the desktop. It is very important in today’s technology and usage experience that your site is mobile-oriented and can respond appropriately to all portable devices. In this sense, search engines have developed themselves in a mobile-oriented way and have focused on mobile priority for SEO. You can find out if your site is mobile-friendly by clicking here .

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