Blogger Training: How to leave comments on other blogs

My first experience blogging was when I came across an e-book by Rebecca Blood that encourages us to leave as many comments on our blogs as possible. For her, this is the best way to generate free traffic to our blogs.

It is still effective today, but not as much as it was back then. Here are some examples:



Commenting on other popular blogs has seven benefits

This is “Popular” since leaving comments on blogs that do not generate significant traffic is pointless. That is the precision that needs to be taken into account.

Commenting on other blogs allows you to:

1. Getting visibility: You can be visible by leaving a comment. By leaving a good comment, you can get people’s attention and help drive traffic to your website.

2. Put your expertise in value: Build your credibility online by sharing what you know or what you have experienced.

3. Meet other bloggers: Leaving comments is a great way to get on the radar of other bloggers.

4. Generate traffic to your blog: You can also drive free traffic to your blog by participating in other bloggers’ blogs. I’ve already mentioned that. 🙂

5. Generating ideas: When you talk about comments on other blogs, you often come up with ideas for articles for your blog.


6. To be and stay on the page: Posting comments on other blogs helps you find inspiration and keep up with what’s going on in your niche … and stay up to date.

7. Discover new possibilities: Someone left a comment on my blog that I found so insightful that I invited them to write a guest post. One of our most successful e-book authors on Backlink Dukan came to me through a great blog comment.

You never know when or where your comment may change.

What is the most effective way to leave comments on other blogs?

Backlink Dukan suggested 11 tips on how to make the most of the comments you leave on other blogs and, most importantly, how to stand out from the crowd. Many of my tips remain relevant:

  • Be the first to comment: First commenters will see their comments and more. However, being first on each item can be a bit boring.
  • Give an example: You should always link to an article in your blog that illustrates your point.
  • Add a point: If the blogger has missed something, please suggest it politely.
  • Competition: You can’t do that on every comment, but challenge politely and provide constructive reasons to leave a good impression.
  • Write with conviction, passion, and personality: these things set you apart and show that you care about your comment.
  • Use humor: this will grab the attention of a very large number of readers, especially if you add value to your comment with humor.
  • Ask a question: I have long noticed that those who ask good questions often become the center of conversation in comments. So ask the right questions and stimulate interest.
  • Formulate your comments: be careful with that. Some comment systems allow you to leave comments in bold or italics. But don’t go beyond these possibilities, because it can look like spam. And if you have the ability to add images, do so because it can also draw attention to your comment.
  • Useful links: Make sure each link you add is relevant and valuable. Don’t add unnecessary links just like that if you don’t want to be labeled as spam.
  • Comment length: Are all blog comments long? Leave it short, it will stand out. Any other comment is short? Leave it for a long time, it will stand out again.
  • List/parsing: think about how your comment will look. Will it just be a large block of text? If this is the case, consider splitting it into short paragraphs or even in a list-type format.

An additional tip I’ve used a few times: when you leave a comment that you’re convinced of added value, consider adding a link to your various social accounts.

You can go a step further by blogging about the posts you have commented on. I did this several times and only when I saw that the article in question had a very large number of readings.

Oh, another little tip, regular commenting on the same blog can be interesting. Don’t become just another commentator … dominate the blog in question by posting a lot of relevant comments.

What to avoid by leaving comments on other blogs


I wrote and a few years ago there was an article about how you can actually damage your reputation by commenting on other blogs. In this article, I have listed 10 things to avoid:

  •  Excessive use of signatures: this practice was more common a few years ago. Today it is unfortunately ineffective. One or two links to relevant content are more than enough.
  •  Excessive use of links: Don’t feel obligated to add as many links as possible to your comments. What will make you want to visit your website is not the number of links, but the quality of your comment.
  •  Comments for one or two words: Don’t just say “Thanks for the article, it’s very interesting”. Not. State the value, say why the article is useful to you.
  • No reading articles before comments: it’s pretty self-explanatory. Read the article before commenting. There is nothing more humiliating than criticizing something you don’t know.
  • Kidnapping and personal assault: this is not a good approach. If you disagree, be constructive … and you will add value to your readers.
  • Emotion anonymous “ if you have something to say, add your name. Don’t hide behind fictitious scoundrels.
  • Always be the first to comment: Over the years, I’ve seen a few people do this and they end up annoying bloggers and other reviewers. The conversation also gives others a chance to speak.
  • Don’t leave room for discussion: Like 7, listen, let others contribute, and let your comments jump a little.
  • Do not add value Comments: If you add value, you will return the value. Failure to add value could damage your reputation.

Another thing to avoid, don’t comment just for the sake of commenting.


What did I forget? I would like your comments on this topic. What is your approach? How do you generate traffic from your comments? I look forward to some good comments on this article!

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