Block anonymous calls and numbers on iOS and Android – this is how it works


If you do not want to receive calls from strangers or advertisers with suppressed phone numbers, you should block them in general. But you may also want to block known phone numbers. Fortunately, there is such an option in the settings of iOS and Android. We will show you how to block anonymous or unwanted calls.

If you have ever been bothered by calls with withheld phone numbers, you know how annoying it is. After all, the missing number leaves you with nothing to go on and you do not even know where you are being called or by whom. This is because it is often advertising agencies, imaginary teenagers making jokes on the phone, or in the worst case, even criminals who want to remain anonymous when contacting you. Some also receive unwanted calls from known phone numbers. Unwanted calls range from bosses to stalkers. If the calls keep coming, there’s only one thing left to do: block anonymous calls or known phone numbers in your system settings. We tell you how this works with the iPhone and all Android smartphones.

 Block anonymous calls on the iPhone – this is how it works on iOS

Depending on the iOS version, there are two different ways to block anonymous calls on the iPhone. The simpler method is provided by iOS 13 (or higher):

1.     Open Settings, scroll down and choose Phone

2.     Activate the Mute unknown caller’s slider so that it is highlighted in green. IOS is now blocking anonymous calls.

With older versions, from iOS 8, the whole thing is unfortunately not that easy to manage. Here you have to reach into your bag of tricks to block anonymous calls:

1.     Open the Contacts app and tap on the plus symbol in the top right to create a new contact.

2.     Enter “Anonymous” for the first name and a “+” for the telephone number.

3.     Confirm the contact with done and switch to the settings.

4.     Scroll down to Phone and select here Locked

5.     Tap on Add Contact and enter the previously created contact Anonymous Now all unknown callers will be blocked by your iPhone.

Block anonymous calls with Samsung, Huawei, and Co – This is how it works with Android

The Android operating system also offers the option of blocking anonymous callers. Unfortunately, the way always differs a bit, depending on whether your smartphone is from Samsung, Huawei or another manufacturer. We’ll show you an example here:

1.     Open the Contacts app on your smartphone and tap on the three dots in the top right corner.

2.     Choose the settings from, tap Call Settings, and then click lock numbers.

3.     Activate Block anonymous calls. Now Android will automatically block all unknown numbers.

Block known numbers in iOS on the iPhone: step-by-step

Numbers can also be blacklisted with an iOS device:

1.     Open the Phone app on the iPhone or iPad.

2.     Go to the caller list.

3.     Press the i-symbol to the right of the phone number that is annoying you.

4.     In the new menu you scroll down. The Block caller option appears here.

5.     Confirm with block contact.

With this setting, the contact can no longer call you or contact you via SMS and FaceTime. Blocked callers can still send you voice messages on the iPhone, but you will no longer be informed about them. Alternatively, you can block users on the iPhone using the Settings app. To do this, go to the Telephone section and select the appropriate option. In this way, contacts that are saved under several numbers in the address book can be blocked quickly and easily.

When blocking, don’t worry about what the annoying caller might think. The relevant contact will not receive any notification that they have landed on your blacklist.

Block known numbers on Android: step-by-step

If you want to block a certain number with an Android mobile phone, for example from Samsung, Huawei or Sony, proceed as follows:

1.     Open the phone app.

2.     Go to the overview of your last calls.

3.     Press the three dots on the top right and call up the settings.

4.     Here you will find the Block Numbers function.

5.     Now enter the phone number you want to block in the corresponding field.

6.     If you want to save yourself paperwork, you can add numbers here directly from your call list or from the contact list.


You can use this setting to unblock phone numbers that have already been blocked.





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